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African Americans

Clara Brown

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Clara Brown

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Clara Brown (c. 1803–85) was an ex-slave who became a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and humanitarian in Denver and Central City . She is said to be the first African American woman to have traveled West during the Colorado Gold Rush . While in Central City, she established Gilpin County ’s first...

Lincoln Hills

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Located along South Boulder Creek about ten miles due west of Eldorado Springs and an hour’s drive from downtown Denver , Lincoln Hills was established in the 1920s as one of a small handful of black resorts in the United States and the only one west of the Mississippi River. Easily accessible by...

Lincoln Home

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The Lincoln Home in Pueblo was started by the city’s Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs and became the only known Black orphanage in Colorado. Established in 1906, the home moved in 1914 to two connected brick houses on North Grand Avenue, where it remained until the city’s segregated orphanage...

Peoples Presbyterian Church

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Peoples Presbyterian Church was founded in June 1906 and is Denver ’s oldest continuously active black Presbyterian congregation. In 1908 the congregation acquired its first permanent home at the former First Cumberland Presbyterian building a few blocks south of Five Points , which was then...

Winks Lodge

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Located near Pinecliffe, about ten miles due west of Eldorado Springs and an hour from Denver by car, Winks Lodge was the main hotel and social hub at Lincoln Hills , a historic black resort community in Gilpin County . Opened in 1928 by Denver businessman Obrey Wendell Hamlet, who went by the...
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