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Yuma County

Jones-Miller Bison Kill Site

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Located in a shallow draw near the Arikaree River in eastern Colorado, the Jones-Miller Bison Kill Site was discovered in 1972 by the rancher Robert B. Jones Jr. and excavated over the next three years by Dennis Stanford of the Smithsonian Institution. Containing the bones of more than 300 bison ,...

Walter and Anna Zion Homestead

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The Walter and Anna Zion Homestead is the only known surviving farm complex in eastern Colorado with original sod buildings. Located midway between Idalia and Vernon in Yuma County , the homestead was settled by the Zions in 1909, and the sod buildings were constructed in the 1910s. Zion family...

Yuma County

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Yuma County

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Yuma County covers 2,369 square miles in northeast Colorado. A part of the state’s Great Plains region, the county includes the lowest point in Colorado: 3,315 feet, along the Arikaree River at the Kansas border. Yuma County is bordered to the east by Cheyenne County, Kansas, to the south by Kit...
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