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Summit County

Breckenridge Historic District

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Settled as a gold-mining camp in 1859, Breckenridge has gone through a series of booms and busts typical of Colorado’s mining towns. The advent of skiing in the 1960s revived the town after decades of stagnation, bringing modern development but also greater interest in historic preservation. Today...

Eisenhower Tunnel

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The Eisenhower-Johnson Memorial Tunnel (also known simply as the Eisenhower Tunnel) carries Interstate 70 traffic underneath the Continental Divide . The 1.6-mile-long pair of tunnels, carrying two lanes of traffic east and west, respectively, is seventy miles west of Denver in Summit County and...

Montezuma Schoolhouse

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The Montezuma Schoolhouse was built in 1884 on the east side of the mining town of Montezuma . The one-room schoolhouse replaced an earlier school building and was intended to accommodate the area’s growing population during that decade’s silver boom. The school remained in operation until 1958,...

Staley-Rouse House

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Located at 518 Main Street in Frisco , the Staley-Rouse House was built in 1908–9 for William and Alvarena Staley. The house is unique in Colorado for having a first floor made of vertical logs and a second floor of horizontal logs, which gives it a distinctive and easily recognizable look. In 2017...

Summit County

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Summit County is a mountainous county in central Colorado, approximately sixty-five miles west of Denver . Originally one of the largest of Colorado’s first seventeen counties, Summit County’s current border connects a ring of peaks around an area of 619 square miles. It is bordered to the north by...

Vail Pass

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Located in the southern Gore Range at an elevation of 10,662 feet, Vail Pass has been the site of periodic human occupations for at least 8,000 years. The prehistoric camp probably served as a high-altitude base when the growing population of nearby Native American groups caused them to expand...
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