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Sedgwick County

Julesburg Public Library

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Located at the corner of East Fourth and Cedar Streets, the Julesburg Public Library was built in 1937, after the Julesburg Woman’s Club led a long-term effort to get a permanent library building for the community. Designed by Stanley Morse in the Art Moderne style, the library includes several...

Julesburg Union Pacific Depot

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Completed in 1930, the Union Pacific Railroad depot in Julesburg is a reminder of the town’s long-standing ties to the railroad. In the 1860s Julesburg served briefly as the end-of-track town when the Union Pacific was building its transcontinental line west, and the town even moved twice to...

Overland Trail

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The Overland Trail, also known as the "Central Overland Emigrant Route," was an important nineteenth-century corridor for explorers, colonists, miners, and traders that ran from Atchison, Kansas, to Fort Bridger, Wyoming. It followed preexisting Indigenous and early explorer trails throughout most...

Sedgwick County

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Sedgwick County covers 549 square miles in the northeastern corner of Colorado. It was established in 1889 and named for Fort Sedgwick . Straddling the South Platte River , the county is bordered by Nebraska’s Deuel and Perkins Counties to the north and east, and by Colorado’s Phillips and Logan...
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