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Moffat County

David H. Moffat

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David Moffat

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David Halliday Moffat (1839–1911) left a lasting impression on Colorado from his involvement in many industries, including banking, mining , and railroads. Through his civic involvement in Denver , Moffat helped the city develop financially and industrially. His most significant contribution to...

Echo Park Dam Controversy

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The controversy over the proposed Echo Park dam in the mid-1950s was a crucial episode in the conservation history of Colorado and the West and proved to be a milestone in American environmental history. Following years of debate, the US Congress decided not to authorize the dam, signifying the...

Lodore School

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Built in 1911, the Lodore School is located off Colorado State Highway 318 in what is now Browns Park National Wildlife Refuge in Moffat County . The building has served as a rural community center throughout its existence and also functioned as a schoolhouse for much of the early twentieth century...

Mantle's Cave

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Mantle’s Cave is the most important Fremont period archaeological site excavated in northwestern Colorado. Artifacts recovered from the cave were instrumental in defining the Fremont culture. Because the cave is dry, artifacts that are not usually seen at archaeological sites were preserved and...

Moffat County

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Moffat County, named for Denver mining and railroad mogul David Moffat , covers 4,751 square miles of Colorado’s northwest corner. It sits on the northern edge of the Colorado Plateau and is bordered by the state of Wyoming to the north, Routt County to the east, Rio Blanco County to the south, and...

State Armory (Craig)

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Built in 1922, the State Armory in Craig was one of many new armories built to house national guard units across the state. The Craig building, based on a design by John James Huddart , served for many decades as a place for military training and community events. It now houses the Museum of...

Yampa River

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The Yampa River snakes 250 miles across northwestern Colorado, primarily in Routt and Moffat Counties. Its watershed encompasses approximately 8,000 square miles in Colorado and Wyoming; in Colorado, the river flows through Craig , Hayden , Milner , and Steamboat Springs , among other communities...
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