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Mineral County

Creede Railroad Depot/Museum

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The Denver & Rio Grande Railroad (D&RG) built the Creede Railroad Depot in 1893 to handle freight and passenger traffic in the historic mining town of Creede . Located on the north end of town near the corner of Loma Avenue and Wall Street, the depot was a central part of Creede’s economy...

Mineral County

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Mineral County is a mountainous, sparsely populated county of 878 square miles in southwest Colorado. Located in the heart of the San Juan Mountains west of the San Luis Valley , the county takes its name from the rich mineral deposits found there in the nineteenth century. In 1892 miners...

Rio Grande Hotel

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The Rio Grande Hotel was built in the spring of 1892, when Creede faced a severe housing shortage as thousands of prospectors arrived into town on the recently completed railroad. The hotel withstood the town’s major 1892 fire and is a rare example of an early mining-camp boarding house. After...
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