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Lincoln County

Earth Lodge

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An earth lodge is a distinctive type of timber-frame house built from the early 1400s to the late 1800s by a dozen different Indigenous nations on the Great Plains . These massive circular structures, often encompassing 1,500 square feet or more, featured four large support posts arranged around a...

Hugo Municipal Pool

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Located at the corner of Fourth Street and Sixth Avenue in Hugo, the Hugo Municipal Pool was built in 1936–38 as a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project designed to provide employment and improve quality of life during the Great Depression . The pool’s bathhouse is notable for combining a...

Limon Railroad Depot

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The Limon Railroad Depot was built in 1910 on a triangular piece of land bounded by the intersection of Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad (CRI&P) and Union Pacific Railroad (UP) lines. The interchange made Limon , in Lincoln County , an important railroad hub, and the town’s depot...

Lincoln County

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Lincoln County, named after President Abraham Lincoln, covers 2,586 square miles of Colorado’s Great Plains southeast of Denver. It is bordered to the north by Washington County , to the east by Kit Carson and Cheyenne Counties, to the southeast by Kiowa County , to the south by Crowley County ,...

World’s Wonder View Tower

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Built in 1926, the six-story World’s Wonder View Tower in Genoa served for many decades as a tourist attraction and way station along US Highway 24. Visitation declined after Interstate 70 rerouted traffic farther away from the tower in the 1970s, but owner Jerry Chubbuck continued to operate the...
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