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Douglas County

Castlewood Dam

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Built in 1890 along Cherry Creek south of Franktown, Castlewood Dam was meant to help irrigate Douglas County farms. In 1933 the dam gave way, unleashing a fifteen-foot surge of water on Denver and ultimately spurring development of the Cherry Creek Dam to prevent future flooding . Today the ruins...

Daniels Park

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Daniels Park (8682 N Daniels Park Rd, Sedalia, CO 80135) is a unit of the Denver Mountain Parks system located in an area of grassy buttes and ravines just west of Castle Pines in Douglas County . First established with a thirty-eight-acre donation from Florence Martin in 1920 and expanded to 1,000...

Devils Head Lookout

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Located on a granite outcrop that is the highest point in the Rampart Range , the Devils Head Lookout has operated continuously as a US Forest Service fire lookout for more than a century. The first female fire lookout in the country, Helen Dowe , served at Devils Head from 1919 to 1921. The...

Douglas County

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Douglas County covers 843 square miles between Denver and Colorado Springs on the western Great Plains along the Front Range . The county was established in 1861 as one of the original seventeen counties of the Colorado Territory . It is bordered to the north by Arapahoe County , to the east by...

Franktown Cave

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Located two and a half miles southwest of Franktown, Franktown Cave is a prehistoric archaeological site in a large rockshelter that contained artifacts from prehistoric occupations over 8,000 years. Some of the findings include rare perishable artifacts manufactured from hide, wood and fiber, and...

Lamb Spring Archaeological Site

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Located in Douglas County southeast of Chatfield State Park, the Lamb Spring Archaeological Site is the only major site with Paleo-Indian (before 6000 BCE) deposits in the metropolitan Denver area. First excavated in 1961–62, the site contains bison and mammoth bones from the Paleo-Indian period,...


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Originally established as a Du Pont company town in 1906–8, Louviers Village south of Denver is distinctive in Colorado because it was never associated with either agriculture or mining. Planned by Du Pont as a model community to attract long-term employees for the company’s nearby the Louviers...

Roxborough State Park Archaeological District

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The Roxborough State Park Archaeological District contains one historic homestead and a variety of prehistoric rockshelters and campsites dating back to at least the Early Archaic period (5500–3000 BCE). It is located at the southern end of the valley between the hogback ridge and the foothills,...

Trout Creek Ranch

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Trout Creek Ranch has its origin in lands consolidated by English investors Edward Arthur and David Chalmers along Trout Creek in the 1870s. The ranch, which stretches for about four miles in the valley between Red Hill and Reinecker Ridge southeast of Fairplay , later became part of some of the...
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