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Custer County

Anna and Eugenia Kennicott

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Anna (1887–1963) and Eugenia Kennicott (1883–1934) grew up on a Colorado farm around the turn of the twentieth century and recorded their day-to-day lives in diaries and in rare photographic plates. Today, their chronicles of women’s experiences on a turn-of-the-century farm in the American west...

Custer County

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Custer County covers nearly 739 square miles in south central Colorado, spanning the Wet Mountain Valley between the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in the west and the Wet Mountains in the east. It is bordered by Fremont County to the north, Pueblo County to the east, Huerfano County to the south, and...

Draper Cave Archaeological Site

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The Draper Cave Archaeological Site contains evidence of human occupation dating back to the Middle Archaic period (3000–1000 BCE). In 1972 the Denver chapter of the Colorado Archaeological Society excavated the site under the supervision of Ivol K. Hagar. The most important discovery was the...

Kennicott Cabin

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Located about three miles north of Westcliffe in the Wet Mountain Valley , the Kennicott Cabin is a rare example of a two-story log cabin and is significant for its association with the early settlement of the area. Frank Kennicott built the cabin on his original homestead in 1869–70, and his...

Wetmore Post Office

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Built in 1879, the Wetmore Post Office building was originally the office, store, and home of Dr. John W. Walters and his wife, Margaret A. Walters. In 1896 Margaret Walters became the town’s postmistress and began to operate the post office out of the building’s store. The post office has occupied...
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