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Conejos County

Concilio Superior

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The Concilio Superior building in Antonito is the headquarters of La Sociedad Protección Mutua de Trabajadores Unidos (SPMDTU; Society for the Mutual Protection of United Workers), a mutual-aid society established in 1900 to protect Hispano workers in the San Luis Valley from discrimination and to...

Conejos County

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Conejos County

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Conejos County covers 1,287 square miles of the southern San Luis Valley and eastern San Juan Mountains in south central Colorado. It is bordered by Archuleta County to the west, Rio Grande and Alamosa Counties to the north, Costilla County to the east, and New Mexico’s Taos and Rio Arriba Counties...

Lafayette Head

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Major Lafayette Head (1825–97) was an Indian agent to the Ute tribe for nine years after serving in the Mexican American War. In 1877, he became the first lieutenant governor of Colorado. He was influential in the early development of towns across the San Luis Valley . Born in Hunter...

Pike’s Stockade

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The Pike Stockade is a reconstruction of a small fortress built by the soldiers of the 1806–7 Zebulon Pike expedition. It is located on the Rio Conejos , a tributary of the Rio Grande , in the San Luis Valley , seventeen miles southeast of Alamosa . Administered by History Colorado , the stockade...

San Rafael Presbyterian Church

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Located in Mogote in the southern San Luis Valley ( 4907 Co Rd 9, Antonito, CO 81120), San Rafael Presbyterian Church was probably built in 1895–97 and used regularly until 1965. It is the second-oldest church in Conejos County and one of the few historically Spanish-speaking Presbyterian churches...
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