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Clear Creek County

Anne Evans Mountain Home

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The Anne Evans Mountain Home is a rustic cottage built by Anne Evans at an elevation of about 8,200 feet on her family’s large ranch in the Upper Bear Creek watershed in eastern Clear Creek County . Completed in 1911, the house was notable for its vertical log construction and artistic interiors,...

Clear Creek County

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Idaho Springs

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Clear Creek County lies thirty miles west of Denver on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains . One of Colorado’s seventeen original counties, it covers 396 square miles and spans Clear Creek Canyon , from which it takes its name. Clear Creek County has a population of 9,303 and is bordered by...

Denver Mountain Parks

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The Denver Mountain Park system consists of forty-six public parks that are home to some of the most popular mountain destinations near Denver , including Red Rocks , William “Buffalo Bill” Cody ’s Grave, Evergreen Lake, Lookout Mountain , and Echo Lake . This distinctive system of parks,...

Georgetown Loop

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The Georgetown Loop is a rail line running between Georgetown and Silver Plume that showcases Colorado’s mountain scenery and mining heritage. The Georgetown Loop represents a major part of Colorado’s formative history—railroad development—as well as one of the state’s strongest industries—tourism...

Georgetown–Silver Plume Historic District

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Located in the upper Clear Creek valley about forty-five miles west of Denver , the Georgetown–Silver Plume Historic District is one of the best preserved historic mining districts in Colorado. In the late nineteenth century, Georgetown thrived as the area’s commercial and professional center,...

Grays Peak National Recreation Trail

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The Grays Peak National Recreation Trail starts in Stevens Gulch, just south of the Bakerville exit off Interstate 70 in Clear Creek County , and climbs roughly 3,000 feet in 3.5 miles to reach the summit of Grays Peak (14,278 feet) on the Continental Divide . First built by miner Richard Irwin in...

Henry Teller

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Henry Moore Teller (1830–1914) was a successful Colorado businessman, lawyer, and politician. His business and legal interests, which included mining and helping to organize the Colorado Central Railroad , were surpassed only by his political achievements. Teller served five full terms as US...

Hotel de Paris

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Hotel de Paris was an idealized imitation of a Norman inn and is older than the State of Colorado itself. A former cook, journalist, and miner, Frenchman Louis Dupuy (born Adolph François Gerard) established the hotel and restaurant on October 9, 1875, in the Powers Building, formerly occupied by...

Peck House

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Built by James Peck in 1863, the Peck House in Empire was for many years the oldest hotel still operating in Colorado. An important Empire institution, the house began hosting stagecoach travelers and miners in the 1860s and became a formal hotel in 1872. The hotel closed in the spring of 2014...

Summit Lake

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Located at an elevation of 12,830 feet on Mt. Evans , Summit Lake is a forty-acre alpine lake known for its scenic beauty and unique ecosystem. Acquired by Denver in 1924 as part of the city’s system of mountain parks , it is the highest Denver park as well as the highest city park in North America...

Wichita State University Plane Crash

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In early October 1970, a twin-engine aircraft carrying forty people associated with the Wichita State University football team crashed into Mt. Bethel along Colorado’s Continental Divide , killing thirty-one passengers. The crash spurred the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) to review and revise its...
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