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Cheyenne County

Cheyenne County

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Cheyenne County

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Cheyenne County is a sparsely populated county on Colorado’s eastern plains, covering 1,781 square miles. It is named for the Cheyenne, one of many nomadic Native American groups that lived and hunted bison in the area throughout the nineteenth century. Cheyenne County is bordered to the north by...

Cheyenne County Jail

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Built in 1894, the Cheyenne County Jail represented the young county’s dedication to law and order and helped instill a sense of civic pride. It is the only surviving jail designed by the important early Colorado architect Robert S. Roeschlaub . After a new jail opened in 1961, the Roeschlaub-...

Wild Horse School

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The Wild Horse School was built in 1911–12 and served until 1964 as the only school in the town of Wild Horse (8513 State Hwy 40 287, Wild Horse, CO 80862), in Cheyenne County . Originally a two-room building, the schoolhouse was expanded when a separate one-room structure was moved to the site in...
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