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Boulder County


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Boulder is Colorado’s eleventh-most populous city, twenty-five miles northwest of Denver , nestled against the foothills of the Front Range . Home of the University of Colorado (CU), the city has a population of 97,385 and is the seat of Boulder County . Boulder was founded during the Colorado Gold...

Boulder County

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Boulder County

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Boulder County encompasses 740 square miles of the western plains and Rocky Mountains in north central Colorado. The county straddles three unique geographic zones: mountains in the west, plains in the east, and a natural trough that runs between the plains and foothills. Its western boundary,...

Boulder Flood of 1894

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The 1894 Boulder flood was a natural disaster that reshaped the landscape of Boulder County , wiping out some communities and forcing others to come together to rebuild. Like other extreme weather events, the 1894 deluge played an integral role in the development of the affected communities. Some,...

Callahan House

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Built in 1892 by local businessman James K. Sweeny, the Victorian mansion at Third and Terry Streets in Longmont was acquired by Thomas and Alice Callahan, two of the city’s leading residents, in 1896. The Callahans conducted extensive renovations and additions to the home before donating it to the...

Caribou Ranch Recording Studio

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The famed Caribou Ranch recording studio, located near Nederland, Colorado, existed for about fifteen years from 1971 to 1985. During its brief history, the recording studio became a destination for dozens of famed musicians and performers, including Michael Jackson, Joe Walsh, Billy Joel, and John...

Carol Taylor

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Carol Taylor is a local historian and researcher with expertise creating compelling public programs and interpretive writing for historical exhibits. She has worked with partners such as the Native American Rights Fund, National Park Service, Colorado Music Hall of Fame, Boedecker Theater at The...

Colorado Chautauqua

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Established in 1898 on what was then a barren mesa south of Boulder , Colorado Chautauqua has been providing education and entertainment programs for well over a century. Originally founded by Texas educators, the Chautauqua in Boulder was part of a nationwide movement emphasizing intellectual and...

Dean Reed

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Dean Reed (1938–86) was a singer-songwriter and actor from Denver who enjoyed a stint of popularity in the 1960s and 1970s before experiencing a slow slide into obscurity by the end of his life. Best known for his time spent living and recording in the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War, Reed’s life reflects the intense polarization of the world he wrote about as well as the political activism typical of many musicians at the time.

Dickens Opera House

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In 1881–82 rancher and businessman William Henry Dickens built the Dickens Opera House at the corner of Third and Main Streets in downtown Longmont . The two-story opera house, with Dickens’s Farmers National Bank on the first floor and an auditorium on the second, served as an important community...

Gold Hill

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Gold Hill was established in 1859 as the first permanent mining camp in the Colorado mountains. Located at an elevation of about 8,300 feet in Boulder County , the town experienced several booms and busts before settling into a small-scale tourist economy in the twentieth century. Today Gold Hill—...

Kuner-Empson Cannery

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The Kuner-Empson Cannery at Third and Martin Streets in Longmont canned vegetables from farms on the northern Front Range from 1892 to 1970. Originally built by industrialist John H. Empson in 1889, the cannery was one of the first major industrial sites in Longmont and was for a time the city’s...

Longmont Carnegie Library

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Built in 1913, the Carnegie Library at Fourth and Kimbark Streets in Longmont served as the city’s public library until 1972, when it was remodeled to house city offices. The Longmont Carnegie Library was one of thousands of similar libraries donated to communities across the United States by steel...

Longmont College / The Landmark

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Built in 1886, Longmont College, also known as The Landmark, was the first institute of higher education in Longmont and the St. Vrain Valley. The Presbyterian Synod of Colorado founded the college in 1885 with plans to build a massive Italianate-style campus at the east end of Sixth Avenue, but...

Longmont Historic Districts

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The East and West Side Historic Districts in Longmont are located east and west of Main Street and south of Longs Peak Avenue. They contain many of the city’s earliest homes. The East Side Historic District includes 67 historic houses and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in...

Miller House

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Located at 409 East Cleveland Street in Lafayette , the Miller House was the longtime home of town founder Mary Miller . In 1983 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Today the one-story house remains a private, single-family residence. Mary Miller named Lafayette...

Silvia Pettem

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Silvia Pettem is a longtime Boulder County resident who has been poking around historic sites for at least forty years. Her research and writing has evolved into two niches –– Boulder County history and missing persons/unidentified remains –– and she has authored more than a dozen books including...
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