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Arapahoe County

Arapahoe County

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Arapahoe County covers 805 square miles in north central Colorado, running east across the high plains from the southern edge of Denver . It is named for the Arapaho , who once inhabited the area. One of the oldest counties in the state, Arapahoe County is bordered on the north by Denver and Adams...

Celebrity Sports Center

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Celebrity Lanes, later known as Celebrity Sports Center and then Celebrity Fun Center, was a relatively successful entertainment complex in Denver from the 1960s through the 1980s. The center represented the rise of a national trend in centralized shopping and entertainment complexes during the...

Comanche Crossing

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On August 15, 1870, the first permanent railroad link across the United States from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific Coast was completed when the final spike was driven in the Kansas Pacific Railway at Comanche Crossing in northeast Colorado. The exact spot is just east of Strasburg, near railroad...

Dransfeldt Building

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The Dransfeldt Building at 3431–35 South Broadway in Englewood was built in 1924 by local farmer Hans Dransfeldt. The north side of the building was occupied by the Englewood Herald and Enterprise for nearly three decades, while the south side served as a popular dairy and creamery in the days...

Englewood Post Office

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The 1938 Englewood post office building on South Broadway is notable for its large lobby mural by Boardman Robinson (1876–1952), an important art educator, political cartoonist, and founder of the American mural movement. The work is Robinson’s only post office mural and one of three major Robinson...

Key Savings and Loan Association Building

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The Key Savings and Loan Association Building at the southwest corner of South Broadway and West Hampden Avenue in Englewood was designed by modernist architect Charles Deaton and constructed in 1966–67. A striking concrete ovoid shell with a glass curtain wall, the building is an excellent example...

Seventeen Mile House

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Named for its location seventeen miles from the intersection of Broadway and Colfax Avenue in Denver , Seventeen Mile House operated in the 1860s and 1870s as a tavern and inn along the southern branch of the Smoky Hill Trail . After the arrival of the railroad ended stage travel along the route,...

Swedish National Sanatorium

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The Swedish National Sanatorium in Denver was a tuberculosis treatment center active throughout the 1900s. As tuberculosis swept the nation, thousands of consumptives turned to the dry mountain air of Colorado to alleviate their symptoms, and sanatoriums sprang up across the state. The Swedish...

Willowcroft Manor

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Willowcroft Manor was built in 1884 as the home of Littleton -area pioneer Joseph W. Bowles. Designed by early Colorado architect Robert S. Roeschlaub , the two-story stone house was on Bowles’s property near the southwest corner of what is now West Bowles Avenue (which was named for Bowles) and...
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