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401 Mary Cronin Ecology Explorers, Notable Women Mary, Cronin, Mary Cronin, Colorado Mountain Club, Agnes Vaille 1893 to 1982 2016-09-21 2017-11-17 No No 0 1793
402 Matchless Mine Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites Leadville, mining, mines, horace tabor, Baby Doe Tabor, Fryer Hill 1878 2015-11-06 2017-11-08 No Yes 5 1193
403 Max Goldberg Community Businesspeople Max, Goldberg, Max Goldberg, cable television, Denver, on the spot, journalists, colorado journalists, colorado reporters 1911 to 1972 2016-08-15 2017-08-26 No No 0 1670
404 Meeker Silbernagel, Robert Place Cities, Towns & Neighborhoods meeker, meeker massacre, nathaniel meeker, the utes must go, meeker massacre 1879, meeker colorado, ouray 1885 2015-08-18 2017-10-20 No Yes 5 1238
405 Mesa County Encyclopedia Staff Counties mesa county, Grand Junction, Fruita, palisade, fruit industry, peaches, wine, Western Slope, western slope irrigation, colorado river, grand valley, irrigation in grand valley 1883 2016-06-27 2017-11-08 No Yes 3 3385
406 Mesa Verde National Park Wilshusen, Richard H. Origins Historic and Archaeological Sites, Parks & Public Lands mesa verde, cliff dwellers mesa verde, mesa verde colorado, mesa verde archaeology, mesa verde history, Ancestral Pueblo, anasazi pueblo, pueblo, rock art, native americans colorado 1906 2015-08-21 2017-10-28 No Yes 2 981
407 Mesa Verde National Park Administrative District Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites Historic and Archaeological Sites, Parks & Public Lands 2016-10-27 2017-11-15 No Yes 1 888
408 Midland Roundhouse Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites Colorado Midland Railroad, Midland Terminal Railway, Colorado City, roundhouses 2016-10-24 2017-08-29 No Yes 2 571
409 Miller House Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites Lafayette Miller, Mary Miller, Lafayette 2016-10-24 2017-08-26 No Yes 1 287
410 Milne Farm Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites irrigation, Lucerne, James G. Milne, Centennial Farms, Larimer and Weld Irrigation Company, Larimer and Weld Ditch, agriculture, Flatiron Construction Corporation 1888 2015-11-06 2017-11-03 No Yes 1 1149
411 Mineral County Encyclopedia Staff Counties mineral county, mineral county history, Creede, creede history, nicholas creede, south fork, spar city, wason ranch 1893 2016-10-05 2017-11-03 No Yes 2 1241
412 Minnequa Steel Works Office Encyclopedia Staff Businesses Colorado Fuel and Iron, Minnequa Steel Works, city of pueblo, Mission architecture, Frederick Sterner, Employee Representation Plan, John D. Rockefeller Jr., Steelworks Center of the West 1901 2016-08-25 2017-10-26 No Yes 0 1293
413 Minnequa Steelworks Office Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites, Businesses minnequa steelworks, pueblo steel mill, city of pueblo, colorado fuel & iron, cf&i, rockefeller, colorado steel 1901 2016-04-20 2017-10-19 No Yes 1 1290
414 Minnie Reynolds Scalabrino Encyclopedia Staff Community Activists, Notable Women, Political Figures Minnie Reynolds, Minnie, Reynolds, Women's Suffrage, Suffrage, colorado suffragettes 1865 to 1936 2016-05-16 2017-11-08 No Yes 2 2002
415 Mistanta (Owl Woman) Peng, Jamie Community Native Americans, Leaders, Notable Women Owl Woman, mistanta, william bent's wife, cheyenne women 1810 to 1847 2015-11-16 2017-11-03 No Yes 1 538
416 Moffat County Encyclopedia Staff Counties Moffat County, Craig, Dinosaur National Monument, northwest colorado, david moffat 1911 2016-02-24 2017-10-26 No Yes 3 1690
417 Montezuma County Encyclopedia Staff Counties montezuma county, montezuma county history, mancos, cortez, Southern Ute Indian Reservation, Mesa Verde National Park, Richard Wetherill, cliff dwelling, kiva, four corners, colorado plateau, mesa verde 1889 2016-06-27 2017-10-31 No Yes 1 2831
418 Montezuma Schoolhouse Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites Montezuma, historic schools, Sts. John 2017-07-05 2017-10-24 No Yes 1 986
419 Montoya Ranch Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites Huerfano River, Huerfano Valley, Hispano settlers, Talpa, Farisita, adobe architecture, Victor Montoya, Asperidon Faris, Louise Faris, Lebanese immigrants 2016-10-31 2017-08-31 No Yes 1 657
420 Montrose County Encyclopedia Staff Counties montrose county history, Montrose, nucla, uravan, uranium mining, Western Slope, uncompahgre river, gunnison tunnel, Paradox Valley, redvale, wright's mesa 1883 2016-11-14 2017-11-08 No Yes 1 2343
421 Monument Valley Park Historic and Archaeological Sites, Parks & Public Lands colorado springs, william jackson palmer, Edmond Cornelius van Dienst, Charles W. Leavitt Jr., Monument Creek, Charles Mulford Robinson, Monument Creek Flood of 1935 2017-02-01 2017-11-16 No Yes 2 1484
422 Moose Bergman, Eric J. Ecology Wildlife moose, moose in colorado, history of moose in colorado 2017-02-21 2017-08-26 No No 3 601
423 Morefield Mound Wright, Kenneth R. Ecology Historic and Archaeological Sites morefield mound, Mesa Verde National Park, Ancestral Pueblo 2017-02-03 2017-08-26 No Yes 0 1149
424 Morgan County Encyclopedia Staff Counties 1889 2016-09-29 2017-11-14 No Yes 2 2129
425 Morgan County Courthouse and Jail Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites Morgan County, courthouses, county jails, Eugene Groves, New Deal, Fort Morgan 1921 to 1936 2016-03-16 2017-08-26 No Yes 0 504
426 Morrison Encyclopedia Staff Cities, Towns & Neighborhoods, Historic and Archaeological Sites Bear Creek, Red Rocks, red rocks ampitheatre, John Brisben Walker, John Evans, George Morrison, Denver South Park & Pacific Railroad, Regis University, Bandimere Speedway, Dinosaur Ridge 1872 2017-02-01 2017-08-26 No Yes 3 1477
427 Mount Vernon Encyclopedia Staff Cities, Towns & Neighborhoods, Historic and Archaeological Sites, Parks & Public Lands Jefferson Territory, Jefferson County Open Space, Robert W. Steele, George Morrison, Mount Vernon Canyon 1859 2017-02-01 2017-11-10 No Yes 1 1106
428 Mountain Lion Alldredge, Mat W. Ecology Wildlife mountain lion colorado, mountain lions, puma, cougar, colorado wildlife, colorado wildlife management 2017-02-21 2017-10-26 No No 1 878
429 Mountain Pine Beetle Pelz, Kristen, Cheng, Tony Ecology Natural Resources, Forests, Wildlife mountain pine beetle, pine beetle colorado, pine beetle lodgepole pine, colorado mountain pine beetle, pine beetle forests 2015-10-30 2017-09-18 No No 4 1206
430 Mountaineer Archaeological Site Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites Tenderfoot Mountain, Mountaineer, Folsom, Mark Stiger, fluted points, Western State Colorado University 1994 2016-05-25 2017-11-03 No Yes 0 514
431 Mule Deer Anderson, Chuck Ecology Wildlife mule deer, mule deer in colorado, colorado parks and wildlife, colorado wildlife management 2017-02-21 2017-08-27 No No 3 719
432 New Deal in Colorado Leonard, Stephen J. Political Economy Politics & Economy New Deal, Works Progress Administration, WPA, CCC, Civilian Conservation Corps, Red Rocks, Federal Music Project 1933 to 1943 2016-08-03 2017-10-29 No No 0 1670
433 Nineteenth-Century Trading Posts Newton, Cody Origins Military Facilities Trading fort vasquez, fort lupton, bent's fort, bent's old fort, fur trade, nineteenth century fur trade, platte river, fort st. vrain, fort uncompahgre, 19th century, 19th, 19th century trading posts 1800 to 1850 2015-04-06 2017-08-27 No Yes 1 451
434 Nisei Sisters Diversity Asian Americans Shitara, Nisei, Nisei Sisters, Treason, The Nisei Sisters 2016-09-29 2017-10-18 No Yes 0 2085
435 NORAD Noyer, Griffin Community Military Facilities norad, norad headquarters, cheyenne mountain, North American Aerospace Defense Command 1958 2016-01-04 2017-11-15 No Yes 1 686
436 Northern Ute People (Uintah and Ouray Reservation) Goff, Sheila Origins Native Americans, Groups Native American Reservations & Agencies utes, northern utes, northern ute history, uintah and ouray reservation, uintah and ouray utes, native americans, utes colorado, northern ute tribe, ute tribe 1640 2015-08-20 2017-11-03 No No 3 754
437 Notch Mountain Shelter Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites mt. of the holy cross, New Deal, Civilian Conservation Corps, William Henry Jackson, Notch Mountain, Holy Cross National Monument, Holy Cross Wilderness 2017-05-19 2017-08-29 No Yes 0 735
438 Oil Spring Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites Historic and Archaeological Sites 2016-10-27 2017-08-27 No Yes 0 528
439 Old Spanish National Historic Trail Horn, Jonathon C. Origins Trading spanish trail, spanish trail in colorado, juan de rivera, dominguez escalante expedition, cochetopa pass, gunnison river, colorado river, uncompahgre river, north branch, antoine robidoux, john c. fremont 1829 to 1848 2015-06-12 2017-10-24 No No 1 680
440 Oliver Toussaint Jackson Diversity African Americans, Leaders o.t. jackson, Oliver Toussaint Jackson, Dearfield, african american history, black history, all-black settlements, agriculture, farming, agricultural colony, dearfield colorado, dearfield history, boulder, stillman cafe, sadie cook, john f. shafroth, weld county, negro townsite and land company, Black American West Museum 1862 to 1948 2016-09-29 2017-10-31 No Yes 0 1019
441 Olsen-Chubbuck Bison Kill Site Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites Paleoindians, Jerry Chubbuck, Sigurd Olsen, Joe Ben Wheat, University of Colorado Museum, bison, bison hunters, Firstview complex 2017-06-02 2017-08-29 No Yes 0 689
442 Oltjenbruns Farm Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites Phillips County, historic farms, agriculture, August Welper, Harry Oltjenbruns, winter wheat, Milton Oltjenbruns, Kenneth Oltjenbruns 2017-07-05 2017-08-29 No Yes 0 1238
443 Otero County Encyclopedia Staff Counties otero county colorado, bent's fort, la junta colorado, otero county history, Purgatoire River, Las Animas, miguel otero, rocky ford canteloupe 1889 2015-10-29 2017-11-12 No Yes 2 1968
444 Ouray Platts, Henry Origins Native Americans, Leaders ouray, tabeguache, Chipeta, meeker massacre, Montrose, ute indian museum, ute history, Chief Ouray 2017-02-03 2017-08-29 No Yes 2 2052
445 Ouray County Encyclopedia Staff Counties ouray county, ouray, San Juan Mountains 1877 2016-02-24 2017-10-28 No Yes 6 2415
446 Overland Trail Weimer, Monica Origins Historic and Archaeological Sites Trading historic trails, Cherokee Trail, Overland Route, Southern Overland Mail and Express Company, Pony Express, Wells Fargo & Co. 1849 to 1870 2016-03-11 2017-08-29 No Yes 3 837
447 Pagosa Springs Encyclopedia Staff Cities, Towns & Neighborhoods, Historic and Archaeological Sites hot springs, Camp Lewis, Fort Lewis 1873 2015-11-20 2017-08-27 No Yes 2 1096
448 Painter Family Community Businesspeople Farming & Ranching Painter, Painter Type, Hereford, Painter Family, mary davis painter, ranching in colorado, weld county 2017-01-23 2017-08-27 No Yes 1 1828
449 Paleo-Indian Period Bamforth, Douglas B. Origins Native Americans, Culture, Groups prehistoric archaeology, Ice Age, Paleoindians, Clovis, Folsom, mammoths 2016-05-02 2017-10-27 No No 0 1439
450 Park County Encyclopedia Staff Counties Park County, South Park, central Colorado mining district 1861 2017-01-30 2017-11-03 No Yes 1 2468
451 Peck House O’Dell, John M. Historic and Archaeological Sites Empire, James Peck, Frank Peck, Malvina Peck, Peck Gold Mining Company, Howard Peck, Louise Harrison, Margaret Collbran, Hotel Splendide, Gary St. Clair, Sally St. Clair 1863 2015-11-20 2017-08-27 No Yes 3 2640
452 Pedro-Botz House Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites Salida, Ohio and Colorado Smelter, Smeltertown, Kortz, Stephen Pedro, Frank Botz, mining and immigrants 1904 2016-10-31 2017-08-27 No Yes 1 838
453 Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School and Camp Encyclopedia Staff Arts & Entertainment, Historic and Archaeological Sites Charlotte Perry, Portia Mansfield, performing arts, summer camps, Steamboat Springs, dance 1913 2016-08-25 2017-08-29 No Yes 1 1314
454 Philadelphia Toboggan Company Carousel #6 Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites Elitch Gardens, Kit Carson County Fair, carousels 1905 2015-11-16 2017-10-31 No Yes 0 878
455 Phillips County Encyclopedia Staff Counties Phillips County, phillips county history, Holyoke, Great Plains, farming, agriculture, ogallala aquifer 1889 2016-09-30 2017-10-30 No Yes 2 1648
456 Pikes Peak Barthel, Andrew, Lukas, Sarah, McWeeney, Kyle Ecology Geography, Mountains pikes peak, katharine lee bates, zebulon pike, colorado springs mountain, colorado fourteeners 1806 2016-06-24 2017-11-05 No Yes 3 1322
457 Pike’s Stockade Orsi, Jared Origins Historic and Archaeological Sites, Military Facilities Exploration zebulon pike, American explorers, San Luis Valley, military posts, Conejos River 1806 to 1807 2016-03-07 2017-08-31 No Yes 7 1478
458 Pine Hall Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites Granite, community centers, Elizabeth Pine, August Pine 2017-05-19 2017-08-31 No Yes 0 623
459 Pitkin County Encyclopedia Staff Counties pitkin county, Aspen, roaring fork valley, maroon bells, elk mountains, aspen skiing, aspen resort, skiing 1881 2016-02-24 2017-11-05 No Yes 6 1965
460 Plains Woodland Rothwell, Sarah Origins Native Americans, Groups prehistoric archaeology, prehistoric Native Americans, Formative Period, Plains Indians, Prehistoric farming, Early Ceramic period, Developmental period 0150 to 1150 2016-02-25 2017-10-24 No No 2 787
461 Populism in Colorado Pente, Graeme Political Economy Ideas & Movements populism, populism in colorado, Davis Waite, colorado politics, political history, populist party, silver standard 2017-01-31 2017-08-31 No No 0 2328
462 Prowers County Encyclopedia Staff Counties prowers county, prowers county history, Lamar, Arkansas River, Great Plains, southeastern colorado, Holly, granada, amache, john w prowers, hiram holly, sugar beet industry 1889 2016-11-15 2017-11-08 No Yes 2 2969
463 Prowers County Welfare Housing Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites New Deal, Lamar, prowers county, Works Progress Administration, housing projects 2017-05-19 2017-08-31 No Yes 1 683
464 Pueblo Chemical Depot O’Neill, Caroline Community Military Facilities pueblo chemical weapons depot, chemical weapons pueblo, pueblo ordnance depot, history of pueblo chemical weapons, environmental effects of pueblo chemical weapons, chemical weapons colorado 1942 2015-11-20 2017-09-17 No Yes 2 737
465 Pueblo County Encyclopedia Staff Counties pueblo county, pueblo history, city of pueblo, pueblo, colorado fuel & iron, pueblo steelworks, pueblo steel mill, Steelworks Center of the West, beulah valley, Arkansas River, 1921 pueblo flood, arkansas river flood 1921, el pueblo, bojon town, william jackson palmer, avondale, boone 1861 2016-11-15 2017-11-03 No Yes 1 2859
466 Pueblo of Santa Ana–Tamaya Shelley, Phillip, Garcia, Julian, Menchego, Timothy Origins Native Americans, Groups Native American Reservations & Agencies Ancestral Puebloan culture, Mesa Verde National Park, Keres, Tamaya, Pueblo Indians 1200 2016-06-27 2017-11-17 No Yes 0 1184
467 Radiocarbon Dating Hill, David V. Origins Scientists & Academics Willard Libby, carbon dating, archaeology, dating in archaeology, chronometric dating, Paleoindians, Archaic, AMS 1960 2016-05-02 2017-10-06 No No 2 884
468 Ralph Carr Community Political Figures Governor Carr, Ralph, Carr, Ralph Carr, Governor, Japanese Americans, Japanese Internment, amache 1887 to 1950 2016-10-06 2017-11-17 No No 0 1963
469 Raton Pass Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites Santa Fe Trail, Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad, Richens Wootton, Stephen Kearny, Glorieta Pass, Interstate 25 2016-10-27 2017-08-31 No Yes 2 1157
470 Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre Jones, Kelly Place Arts & Entertainment, Parks & Public Lands red rocks amphitheater, red rocks amphitheatre, red rocks history, red rocks morrison, Morrison, the beatles, sandstone, ship rock, creation rock, laramide orogeny, John Brisben Walker, marion burts, denver mountain parks, New Deal, louis armstrong, ray charles, stevie nicks, the eagles, friends of red rocks, Civilian Conservation Corp, Civilian Conservation Corps 2017-01-23 2017-10-27 No Yes 0 1244
471 Rev. John O. Ferris Community Religious Figures Reverend Ferris, John Ferris, John O. Ferris, Reverend John Ferris, Ludlow Massacre, ludlow tent colony 1942 2016-09-21 2017-08-31 No No 1 1396
472 Rev. Thornton R. Sampson Religious Figures Thornton, Sampson, Reverend, Reverend Thornton Sampson 1852 to 1915 2016-09-21 2017-11-16 No No 1 1759
473 Richard Wetherill Goff, Sheila Origins Farmers & Ranchers Farming & Ranching chaco canyon, Mesa Verde National Park, Cliff Palace, Gustaf Nordenskiold 1858 to 1910 2015-10-22 2017-11-17 No Yes 1 581
474 Rim Rock Drive Encyclopedia Staff Parks & Public Lands, Historic and Archaeological Sites Grand Junction, Fruita, Serpents Trail, John Otto, Colorado National Monument, Civilian Conservation Corps 1921 to 1951 2015-12-02 2017-10-17 No Yes 4 960
475 Rio Blanco County Encyclopedia Staff Counties rio blanco county, rio blanco county history, meeker, white river, Buford, Trappers Lake, meeker massacre, oil shale, rangely, Western Slope, roan plateau 1889 2017-03-31 2017-10-31 No Yes 1 2188
476 Rio Grande County Encyclopedia Staff Counties county history, del norte, rio grande river, San Luis Valley, Monte Vista, mexican land grants, juan bautista de anza, william jackson palmer 1874 2017-01-23 2017-11-08 No Yes 2 1892
477 Rio Grande Hotel Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites Creede, Creede Repertory Theatre, Denver and Rio Grande Railroad 1892 2015-12-02 2017-09-02 No Yes 0 650
478 Robert S. Roeschlaub Encyclopedia Staff Community Architects, Engineers, & Planners Robert Roeschlaub, Robert, Roeschlaub, Architect, Denver 1843 to 1923 2016-05-16 2017-09-17 No Yes 3 1289
479 Roberts Ranch Buffalo Jump Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites Roberts Ranch, bison hunters, Colorado Archaeological Society, cache la poudre river, Christopher Johnston, James Judge, CSU Archaeological Field School 2017-05-24 2017-08-31 No Yes 0 756
480 Rock Art of Colorado Patterson, Carol Origins Native Americans, Culture Farming & Ranching chaco canyon, Mesa Verde National Park, Cliff Palace, Gustaf Nordenskiold 2015-10-29 2017-11-08 No No 8 1529
481 Rock Ledge Ranch (Buena Vista) Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites Buena Vista, Upper Arkansas Valley, historic ranches, agriculture, Ernest Wilber, Gustav Franzel 1887 2016-10-31 2017-08-31 No Yes 1 737
482 Rocky Flats Nuclear Facility Ackland, Len Political Economy Military Facilities Wildlife 1951 2015-02-04 2017-11-06 Yes Yes 3 1670
483 Rocky Mountain Elk Ecology Wildlife elk, colorado elk, history of elk in colorado, wildlife management, colorado parks and wildlife, elk culling, colorado wildlife 2016-08-02 2017-08-31 No No 2 1046
484 Rocky Mountain National Park Boxell, Mark Ecology Parks & Public Lands 1915 2015-10-21 2017-11-03 No Yes 4 1168
485 Rocky Mountain National Park Administration Building Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites rocky mountain national park, Beaver Meadows, Mission 66, Taliesen Associated Architects, national park service, Frank Lloyd Wright 1967 2016-10-27 2017-11-16 No Yes 3 1223
486 Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales Andrews, Aimee Diversity Latinos, Leaders corky gonzales, crusade for justicia, chicano, Chicano Movement, denver chicano movement, la raza, mexican american, latino, Civil Rights 2017-01-17 2017-08-31 No No 0 1161
487 Roger Wolcott Toll Ecology Architects, Engineers, & Planners Roger, Wolcott, Toll, Roger Wolcott Toll 1883 to 1936 2016-08-03 2017-08-31 No Yes 1 1476
488 Romano Residence Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites Pleasant View, golden, historic houses, cobblestone construction, Craftsman style, Italian immigrants 2017-05-19 2017-08-31 No Yes 0 993
489 Rooney Ranch Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites Dinosaur Ridge, Rooney Valley, Alexander Rooney, Colorado Cattlemen's Association, Chief Colorow, Centennial Farms 1861 2016-08-24 2017-10-20 No Yes 4 1112
490 Rossonian Hotel Encyclopedia Staff Arts & Entertainment, Historic and Archaeological Sites Five Points, Baxter Hotel, Robert Baxter, George Bettcher, Welton Street, A. W. L. Ross, jazz, historic hotels, hotels 1912 2016-03-16 2017-10-20 No Yes 2 1132
491 Routt County Encyclopedia Staff Counties routt county history, Steamboat Springs, howelsen hill, hahns peak, Yampa River, yampa, clark, milner, hayden, joseph hahn, james h crawford, coal mining 1877 2017-02-02 2017-11-12 No Yes 1 2561
492 Roxborough State Park Archaeological District Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites, Parks & Public Lands Roxborough State Park, archaic period, Early Ceramic period, foothills archaeology, Colorado Archaeological Society, hogbacks 2017-05-19 2017-08-31 No Yes 1 834
493 Royal Gorge Encyclopedia Staff Place Geography, Canyons royal gorge, royal gorge bridge, war for royal gorge 1806 2015-11-10 2017-08-31 No Yes 4 1676
494 Ruth Underhill Encyclopedia Staff Community Notable Women, Scientists & Academics Ruth Underhill, Ruth, Underhill, anthropology, Anthropologist, Women 1883 to 1984 2016-05-16 2017-08-31 No Yes 0 1442
495 Saco Rienk DeBoer Encyclopedia Staff Community Architects, Engineers, & Planners Saco Rienk DeBoer, Saco, Rienk, DeBoer, Architect 1883 to 1974 2016-05-16 2017-08-31 No Yes 2 1590
496 Sadie Likens Community Activists, Notable Women, Political Figures Sadie, Likens, Sadie Likens, prison matron, denver prisons, Denver 1840 to 1920 2016-09-21 2017-10-17 No No 1 1461
497 Sage grouse Zimmerman, Shawna J. , Timmer, Jennifer M. , Aldridge, Cameron L. , Oyler-McCance, Sara J. , Braun, Clait E. , Young, Jessica R. Ecology Wildlife sage grouse, endangered species, threatened species, fish and wildlife 2016-05-17 2017-10-21 No Yes 0 1526
498 Saguache Encyclopedia Staff Cities, Towns & Neighborhoods, Historic and Archaeological Sites San Luis Valley, Saguache County, Brunot Agreement, Otto Mears 1891 2015-12-02 2017-08-31 No Yes 4 1149
499 Saguache County Encyclopedia Staff Counties Saguache County, saguache, david moffat, San Luis Valley, cochetopa pass, crestone, moffat, villa grove, saguache county history, sangre de cristo mountains, poncha pass, juan bautista de anza, spanish trail, Otto Mears 1866 2017-01-23 2017-10-26 No Yes 2 2153
500 Salida Steam Plant Encyclopedia Staff Arts & Entertainment, Historic and Archaeological Sites Salida, electricity, Edison Electric Light Company, Public Service Company of Colorado, SteamPlant Theater and Event Center 1887 2015-12-02 2017-08-31 No Yes 1 552