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1 Spring Creek Flood of 1997 Langevin, Danielle, Sullivan, Tessa Ecology 1997 2015-10-22 2017-05-02 No Yes 10 880
2 Rock Art of Colorado Patterson, Carol Origins chaco canyon, Mesa Verde National Park, Cliff Palace, Gustaf Nordenskiold 2015-10-29 2017-05-02 No No 8 1529
3 Buckskin Charley Charles, Mona C. Origins Ute Indian Tribe, Capote Ute, Muache Ute, Southern Ute tribe, Southern Ute Indian Reservation, Chief Ouray, Ignacio 1840 to 1936 2016-03-01 2016-09-08 No Yes 8 884
4 Summit County Encyclopedia Staff 1861 2015-12-11 2017-05-24 No Yes 8 2985
5 Breckenridge Historic District Encyclopedia Staff skiing, Summit County, mining, Barney Ford, dredges, Blue River 1859 2015-11-04 2017-05-09 No Yes 8 1674
6 Cripple Creek Encyclopedia Staff cripple creek gold rush, Cripple Creek, Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mine, Robert Womack, Winfield Scott Stratton, Midland Terminal Railway, Portland Mine, Western Federation of Miners, James Peabody, gambling, Amendment 4 1892 2016-12-19 2017-06-02 No Yes 8 2646
7 Eagle County Encyclopedia Staff eagle county, eagle county history, Vail, eagle, gypsum, edwards, dotsero, mt. of the holy cross, white river national forest, beaver creek resort, vail resort, vail resort history, vail history, Wolcott, red cliff, redcliff, minturn, Camp Hale, pando valley, interstate 70 1883 2016-10-06 2017-08-04 No Yes 8 2089
8 Pike’s Stockade Orsi, Jared Origins zebulon pike, American explorers, San Luis Valley, military posts, Conejos River 1806 to 1807 2016-03-07 2016-09-10 No Yes 7 1478
9 Gunnison County Encyclopedia Staff gunnison county, gunnison, john gunnison, crested butte, curecanti, gunnison river, ranching, black canyon of the gunnison 1877 2016-02-23 2017-08-04 No Yes 7 1804
10 Camp Hale Encyclopedia Staff Camp Hale, 10th Mountain Division, World War II, skiing 1942 to 1965 2015-09-10 2017-05-16 No Yes 6 1356
11 Ouray County Encyclopedia Staff ouray county, ouray, San Juan Mountains 1877 2016-02-24 2017-08-16 No Yes 6 2424
12 Teller County Encyclopedia Staff teller county, victor, Cripple Creek, independence lode, mining, cripple creek gold rush, casinos, gambling, el paso county, Henry Teller, william stratton, florissant fossil beds, florissant, woodland park, ute pass, Western Federation of Miners, labor history 1889 2016-08-16 2017-08-21 No Yes 6 2766
13 Central City Opera House Encyclopedia Staff Place 1878 2015-07-15 2017-04-17 No Yes 6 1847
14 San Juan County Encyclopedia Staff san juan county, gold king mine, Animas River, Silverton, durango silverton railroad, San Juan Mountains, mining, charles baker, san juan humbug, Otto Mears 1876 2016-06-27 2017-08-11 No Yes 6 2782
15 The Sugar Beet Industry Pérez, Bernadette Jeanne Political Economy colorado sugar beet industry, history of sugar beet industry, history of colorado sugar beet industry, colorado sugar beets, sugar beet labor, colorado labor history, colorado agriculture, sugar beet farms, sugar beet factories, great western sugar company 1899 2015-11-02 2017-04-15 No No 6 985
16 Pitkin County Encyclopedia Staff pitkin county, Aspen, roaring fork valley, maroon bells, elk mountains, aspen skiing, aspen resort, skiing 1881 2016-02-24 2017-08-16 No Yes 6 1990
17 Silverton Encyclopedia Staff San Juan Mountains, gold king mine, Animas River, san juan county, San Juan County Historical Society, durango silverton railroad, Brunot Agreement, Shenandoah-Dives Mining 1874 2017-02-01 2017-05-09 No Yes 6 1971
18 The Denver Museum of Nature & Science Nash, Stephen E. , Colwell-Chanthaphonh, Chip Origins Denver Museum of Natural History, Colorado Museum of Natural History, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, museums, archaeology, anthropology, ethnology, Jesse Figgins 1900 2015-11-19 2017-02-20 No Yes 6 1196
19 San Juan Mountains Ecology San Juan Mountains, San Juans, southwest colorado, history of san juan mountains, san juan county, mineral county, hinsdale county, la plata county, ouray county, Otto Mears, Telluride, Creede, Durango, ouray, Silverton, san miguel county, archuleta county, charles baker, Shenandoah Dives, san juan mountains mining, mining history, Shenandoah Dives Mining 2016-08-01 2017-05-02 No Yes 6 2249
20 Franktown Cave Gilmore, Kevin Origins archaeology, colorado archaeology, prehistoric archaeology, historical archaeology, Apache Indian Tribe, Archaic, Formative stage, Early Ceramic period, Protohistoric period 1941 2016-06-22 2016-12-01 No Yes 6 1459
21 US Forest Service in Colorado Bramwell, Lincoln Ecology US forest service, forest service in colorado, colorado national forests, pike national forest, Trappers Lake, arthur carhart, maroon bells 1905 2016-03-01 2016-12-01 No No 5 917
22 Walking Colorado: An Introduction to the Origins Section Black, Kevin Origins history, ancient colorado, Folsom, Clovis, paleoindian, paleo-indian, rock art, archaeology, anthropology, Formative Period, archaic period, ute, apache, shoshone, cheyenne, arapaho, comanche, spanish exploration, navajo 2017-01-20 2017-06-01 No No 5 4196
23 Adams County Encyclopedia Staff adams county, brighton, commerce city, arvada, Rocky Mountain Arsenal, rocky mountain arsenal national wildlife refuge, sunor refinery, adams county co, sunshare, solar energy adams county 1902 2015-12-28 2017-08-04 No Yes 5 1890
24 Animas Forks Encyclopedia Staff San Juan Mountains, mining, Brunot Agreement, Animas River, Silverton, Sunnyside Extension, Alpine Loop Scenic Byway, Bonanza Tunnel, Gold Prince Mill, Duncan House 1875 2015-11-04 2017-08-11 No Yes 5 1392
25 Fourteeners Bock, Samuel Place fourteeners, colorado fourteeners, colorado mountains, colorado rocky mountains, mountaineering in colorado, list of colorado fourteeners, 14ers, mountain climbing colorado 2015-08-20 2017-05-24 No No 5 1834
26 Mantle's Cave Horn, Jonathon C. Origins Fremont culture, prehistoric archaeology, prehistoric Native Americans, Dinosaur National Monument, Yampa River, rock shelter, cave, Formative stage, storage cist, Mantle's Cave 1921 2015-11-16 2017-07-20 No Yes 5 1012
27 Georgetown–Silver Plume Historic District Encyclopedia Staff georgetown, Georgetown Loop, mining, clear creek county, silver mining, Silver Plume, Louis Dupuy, hotel de paris, Colorado Central Railroad, James Grafton Rogers 1868 2016-11-18 2017-06-28 No Yes 5 1811
28 Lariat Trail Scenic Mountain Drive Encyclopedia Staff Cement Bill Williams, Lookout Mountain, denver mountain parks, Lariat Loop, golden 2016-12-19 2017-05-16 No No 5 797
29 Longs Peak Alexander, Ruth M. Ecology Longs Peak, Longs Peak Colorado, mountains estes park, rocky mountain national park, colorado fourteeners 2015-07-27 2016-10-13 No Yes 5 1392
30 Matchless Mine Encyclopedia Staff Leadville, mining, mines, horace tabor, Baby Doe Tabor, Fryer Hill 1878 2015-11-06 2017-05-02 No Yes 5 1193
31 John C. Frémont Schell, Stephen C. Origins john c fremont, john c fremont expeditions, john c fremont colorado, john c fremont kit carson, kit carson, charles preuss, larimer county, Fremont County, oregon trail, overland trail 1813 to 1890 2016-08-03 2016-12-01 No Yes 5 913
32 Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception Encyclopedia Staff Catholicism, Colfax Avenue, Joseph Machebeuf, Nicholas Matz, John K. Mullen, Hugh McMenamin, Leon Coquard, Aaron Gove, Thomas Walsh, James Rasby, World Youth Day 1912 2016-08-26 2017-05-16 No Yes 5 1050
33 Arapahoe County Encyclopedia Staff arapahoe county, arapaho, aurora, Englewood, littleton, byers, arapahoe county history 1861 2015-12-28 2017-08-04 No Yes 5 2327
34 Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad Encyclopedia Staff denver & rio grande railroad, Durango, durango silverton railroad, Silverton, william jackson palmer, Colorado Railroads, narrow gauge railroads 2016-11-18 2017-02-03 No Yes 5 1626
35 Larimer County Encyclopedia Staff larimer county colorado, larimer county history, fort collins history, estes park history, william larimer jr. 1861 2016-03-01 2017-08-04 No Yes 5 1420
36 Marble Mill Site Encyclopedia Staff Marble, Channing Meek, Crystal River Valley, Colorado Yule Marble Company 1907 to 1941 2015-11-20 2017-05-12 No Yes 5 2269
37 Meeker Silbernagel, Robert Place meeker, meeker massacre, nathaniel meeker, the utes must go, meeker massacre 1879, meeker colorado, ouray 1885 2015-08-18 2017-05-09 No Yes 5 1238
38 Julesburg Union Pacific Depot Encyclopedia Staff 1930 2015-11-09 2016-12-05 No Yes 5 780
39 Rocky Mountain National Park Boxell, Mark Ecology 1915 2015-10-21 2017-08-16 No Yes 4 1168
40 Bent's Forts Carrillo, Richard, Slaughter, Michelle A. Origins bent's fort, william bent, bent's old fort, Bent's New Fort, bent's fort history, Owl Woman, mistanta, Ceran St. Vrain, fur trade, bison, cheyenne, arapaho, trading post, Arkansas River, otero county, La Junta 1832 to 1867 2016-05-06 2017-04-07 No Yes 4 877
41 Carrie Welton Community Carrie, Welton, Carrie Welton, mountain climbing colorado, colorado mountain climbers, mountaineers, mountaineering history, Longs Peak, pikes peak, fourteeners 1842 to 1884 2016-08-15 2016-09-21 No Yes 4 1757
42 Barney Ford Encyclopedia Staff Barney Ford, barney ford breckenridge, barney ford denver, ford's chop house denver, barney ford biography, barney ford colorado 1822 to 1902 2015-12-10 2017-05-02 No Yes 4 968
43 El Pueblo Encyclopedia Staff city of pueblo, Arkansas River, Bent’s Fort, trading posts, El Pueblo Museum, Fort Pueblo, William G. Buckles 2016-11-18 2017-05-16 No Yes 4 1497
44 Gilpin County Encyclopedia Staff Gilpin County, Central City, Blackhawk, mill city, Colorado Gold Rush 1861 2016-11-14 2017-08-18 No Yes 4 2454
45 Guggenheim Hall Encyclopedia Staff Colorado State University, Simon Guggenheim, James Murdock, home economics, women's education, Inga Allison, Department of Construction Management 1910 2016-12-19 2017-05-02 No Yes 4 607
46 Mountain Pine Beetle Pelz, Kristen, Cheng, Tony Ecology mountain pine beetle, pine beetle colorado, pine beetle lodgepole pine, colorado mountain pine beetle, pine beetle forests 2015-10-30 2016-09-10 No No 4 1206
47 Rooney Ranch Encyclopedia Staff Dinosaur Ridge, Rooney Valley, Alexander Rooney, Colorado Cattlemen's Association, Chief Colorow, Centennial Farms 1861 2016-08-24 2017-05-16 No Yes 4 1113
48 Royal Gorge Encyclopedia Staff Place royal gorge, royal gorge bridge, war for royal gorge 1806 2015-11-10 2017-08-16 No Yes 4 1676
49 Colorado Women's Prison Encyclopedia Staff Cañon City, Colorado Territorial Penitentiary, prisons, Roy Best, Fremont County, Department of Corrections, Museum of Colorado Prisons 1935 2015-11-05 2017-06-13 No Yes 4 970
50 Animas River Encyclopedia Staff Ecology Animas River, rio de las animas, las animas spill, colorado epa spill, Durango, la plata county colorado, Silverton 2016-02-29 2017-05-02 No Yes 4 1351
51 Francisco Plaza Encyclopedia Staff Cucharas Valley, La Veta, John Francisco, Henry Daigre, Denver and Rio Grande Railroad, Francisco Fort Museum 1862 2015-11-06 2017-06-15 No Yes 4 801
52 Ludlow Massacre Rees, Jonathan H. Political Economy Ludlow Massacre, ludlow, Las Animas County, ludlow tent colony, coalfield wars, coalfield strikes, labor history, colorado coal, united mine workers of america, United Mine Workers, colorado fuel & iron, coal, Elias Ammons, national guard 1914 2016-09-29 2017-05-02 No Yes 4 974
53 Vision Quest Weimer, Monica Origins vision quest, stone structures, arc, cairn 2015-11-02 2016-09-10 No No 4 496
54 State Flower Colorado State Archives Ecology columbine, state flower, columbine flower, state symbols 1899 2015-02-17 2016-09-10 No No 4 90
55 Rim Rock Drive Encyclopedia Staff Grand Junction, Fruita, Serpents Trail, John Otto, Colorado National Monument, Civilian Conservation Corps 1921 to 1951 2015-12-02 2017-06-13 No Yes 4 960
56 Saguache Encyclopedia Staff San Luis Valley, Saguache County, Brunot Agreement, Otto Mears 1891 2015-12-02 2017-05-09 No Yes 4 1149
57 Colorado–Big Thompson Project Silkensen, Greg Ecology colorado-big thompson project, cbt project colorado, bureau of reclamation, irrigation, irrigation in colorado, reclamation in colorado, front range, Western Slope, big thompson river, big thompson canyon, horsetooth reservoir, adams tunnel 1938 to 1956 2016-08-15 2017-05-02 No Yes 4 996
58 El Corazon de Trinidad National Historic District Encyclopedia Staff Trinidad, Santa Fe Trail, felipe baca, Las Animas County, Frank Bloom, Temple Aaron, Jaffa Opera House, Trinidad History Museum, Baca House, Bloom Mansion 1861 2016-03-15 2017-05-09 No Yes 4 1525
59 Fitzsimons General Hospital Encyclopedia Staff tuberculosis, Anschutz Medical Campus, Lawrence Lewis, Dwight D. Eisenhower 1918 2015-11-06 2017-05-31 No Yes 4 1602
60 Louviers Encyclopedia Staff Du Pont, dynamite, company towns, Louviers Village Club 1906 to 1908 2015-11-10 2017-05-09 No Yes 4 1384
61 Kit Carson County Encyclopedia Staff kit carson county, kit carson county history, burlington, kit carson county carousel, interstate 70, arikaree river, New Deal, Great Plains, rock island railroad 1889 2016-11-14 2017-08-16 No Yes 4 1866
62 Van Briggle Memorial Pottery Building Encyclopedia Staff Van Briggle Pottery, Artus Van Briggle, Anne Van Briggle, Nicolaas van den Arend, Colorado College 2016-11-22 2017-05-16 No Yes 4 1293
63 State Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home Encyclopedia Staff Monte Vista, San Luis Valley, veterans, Homelake, Endangered Places 2017-02-01 2017-05-11 No Yes 4 1308
64 Tipi Black, Kevin Origins Tipi, Tepee, native houses, native americans colorado, prehistoric archaeology, tipi rings, stone circles 2015-12-28 2016-12-01 No No 4 1517
65 Buckhorn Exchange Encyclopedia Staff Henry Zietz, restaurants, Burnham Shops, Denver and Rio Grande Railroad 1893 2016-08-26 2017-05-12 No Yes 4 603
66 Wheeler Opera House Encyclopedia Staff Aspen, Jerome B. Wheeler, Walter Paepcke, Herbert Bayer, opera house 1889 2016-03-16 2017-05-02 No Yes 4 1433
67 Chronic Wasting Disease Bailey, Shawn Ecology chronic wasting disease, elk, deer, colorado parks and wildlife, wildlife management 1967 2016-08-02 2016-09-19 No No 4 844
68 Archuleta County Encyclopedia Staff archuleta county, archuleta county history, Pagosa Springs, geothermal energy colorado, southwest colorado 1885 2016-06-27 2017-08-16 No Yes 4 1427
69 Aspen Encyclopedia Staff Place aspen colorado, history of aspen, aspen history, city of aspen 1879 2015-11-19 2017-08-16 No Yes 4 1515
70 Barlow and Sanderson Stagecoach Encyclopedia Staff transportation, stagecoaches, San Luis Valley, Southern Overland Mail and Express Company, Bradley Barlow, Jared Sanderson, Fort Garland, History Colorado, Monte Vista Historical Society, Transportation of the West Museum 1870 to 1890 2015-11-05 2017-04-15 No Yes 4 809
71 Independence Encyclopedia Staff Independence Pass, ghost town, Aspen, roaring fork valley, Aspen Historical Society, Farwell Consolidated Mining Company 1879 2016-12-19 2017-05-09 No Yes 4 713
72 Glen Eyrie Encyclopedia Staff Glen Eyrie, Queens Canyon, william jackson palmer, The Navigators 1870 2016-03-15 2017-05-02 No Yes 4 1140
73 Los Piños Indian Agency Baker, Steven G. Origins Indian Agency, Indian Agent, Ute Indian Tribe, Southern Ute tribe, Capote Ute, Muache Ute, Tabeguache Ute, Uncompahgre Ute 1868 to 1881 2016-04-29 2016-09-09 No Yes 4 1309
74 Justina Ford House Encyclopedia Staff Dr. Justina Ford, Black American West Museum, Samuel Kohn, Five Points, Curtis Park, Paul Stewart, african americans denver 1890 2016-08-29 2017-04-19 No Yes 4 628
75 La Junta City Park Encyclopedia Staff La Junta, City Park, New Deal, Civil Works Administration, CWA, Works Progress Administration, WPA, parks 1905 2015-11-10 2017-05-24 No Yes 4 526
76 Sopris Phase Mitchell, Mark D. Origins Apishapa phase, Sopris phase, prehistoric archaeology, Prehistoric farming, Ancestral Puebloan culture, Plains Village tradition, stone and adobe architecture, native houses, Taos Pueblo, indigenous trade networks 0950 to 1200 2015-11-03 2017-05-02 No Yes 3 1115
77 United States Air Force Academy Ambriz, Cynthia Community us air force academy, united states air force academy, colorado springs air force academy, air force academy colorado springs, colorado springs academy, history of air force academy, air force history, colorado air force, air force falcons 1954 2015-11-19 2017-05-23 No Yes 3 1319
78 Beatrice Willard Alpine Tundra Research Plots Encyclopedia Staff Beatrice Willard, alpine tundra, Trail Ridge Road, rocky mountain national park 2016-10-26 2017-05-02 No No 3 698
79 Colorado River Wohl, Ellen Ecology Colorado, river, valley, Rocky Mountains 2014-08-01 2017-05-02 No Yes 3 1028
80 Boggsville Encyclopedia Staff farming, ranching, irrigation, Thomas O. Boggs, kit carson, Rumalda Luna Bent, Purgatoire River, John W. Prowers, Las Animas, bent county 1866 2015-11-05 2017-07-30 No Yes 3 1408
81 Brown Palace Hotel Encyclopedia Staff Henry Brown, Charles Boettcher, Claude Boettcher, G8 Summit, Frank Edbrooke, historic hotels 1892 2016-08-26 2017-06-13 No Yes 3 1158
82 Zebulon Montgomery Pike Orsi, Jared Origins 1779 to 1813 2014-08-14 2017-08-04 No Yes 3 777
83 Howelsen Hill Encyclopedia Staff Steamboat Springs, skiing, Carl Howelsen, ski jumping, Winter Olympics, Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club 1915 2015-11-09 2017-05-02 No Yes 3 1124
84 Fremont County Encyclopedia Staff Fremont County, fremont county history, coal, dinosaur fossils, Cañon City, royal gorge, Arkansas River, great railroad war, colorado territorial prison, colorado state penitentiary 1861 2017-01-31 2017-08-16 No Yes 3 1914
85 Dinosaur National Monument Ball, Dylan, Kaneb, Daniel Community Dinosaur National Monument, history of dinosaur national monument, dinosaur colorado, national monument 1915 2015-10-22 2016-09-09 No Yes 3 641
86 Lowry Ruin Encyclopedia Staff Ancestral Pueblo, Ancestral Pueblo architecture, Ancestral Puebloan culture, chaco canyon, Jesse Walter Fewkes, Paul S. Martin, canyons of the ancients national monument 1090 to 1120 2015-11-20 2017-05-12 No Yes 3 782
87 Indian Agencies and Agents Horn, Jonathon C. Origins Indian Agency, Indian Agent, treaties, military posts, trading posts, annuity goods, Ute Indian Tribe, Cheyenne Indian Tribe, Arapaho Indian Tribe, Southern Ute Indian Reservation, Ute Mountain Ute Indian Reservation 1846 to 1911 2016-03-15 2017-05-02 No No 3 2696
88 Mesa County Encyclopedia Staff mesa county, Grand Junction, Fruita, palisade, fruit industry, peaches, wine, Western Slope, western slope irrigation, colorado river, grand valley, irrigation in grand valley 1883 2016-06-27 2017-08-04 No Yes 3 3385
89 Ken-Caryl South Valley Archaeological District Encyclopedia Staff Ken-Caryl Ranch, South Valley Park, Jefferson County Open Space, rock shelters, Fountain formation, foothills archaeology, Johns-Manville, Lockheed Martin Marietta 1973 2016-08-24 2016-09-09 No Yes 3 825
90 Rocky Mountain National Park Administration Building Encyclopedia Staff rocky mountain national park, Beaver Meadows, Mission 66, Taliesen Associated Architects, national park service, Frank Lloyd Wright 1967 2016-10-27 2017-08-01 No Yes 3 1223
91 Samuel Gerish Colley Belding, Samantha Nemecek Origins Indian Agent, Upper Arkansas Indian Agency, Sand Creek Massacre, Fort Lyon 1807 to 1890 2015-10-21 2017-06-29 No Yes 3 541
92 San Miguel County Encyclopedia Staff san miguel county, Telluride, telluride history, san miguel county history, ophir, mining, San Juan Mountains, ski telluride, telluride ski, telluride film festival, telluride bluegrass festival, Western Slope, labor history, placerville, slick rock, mt sneffels, mt sneffels wilderness, uranium mining, uranium colorado, san miguel river 1883 2016-08-16 2017-08-11 No Yes 3 2630
93 Beaumont Hotel ouray, historic hotels, San Juan Mountains 2017-06-02 2017-06-05 No No 3 675
94 Bighorn Sheep Kersey, Tyler Ecology bighorn sheep, ram, colorado bighorn sheep, ovis canadensis, state animal 2016-05-09 2016-09-08 No No 3 641
95 Browns Canyon National Monument Encyclopedia Staff Ecology browns canyon, browns canyon national monument, chaffee county, Arkansas River, US forest service, Bureau of Land Management 2015 2016-03-11 2017-08-16 No Yes 3 813
96 Wetlands and Riparian Areas Gage, Edward, Cooper, David Ecology wetlands, colorado wetlands, water, ecosystems, beaver, fens, marshes, wet meadows, riparian, salt flats, floods, blanca wetlands, South Park 2016-08-12 2016-12-01 No No 3 1540
97 David H. Moffat Encyclopedia Staff Political Economy railroads, Moffat Line, Colorado Railroads, business, empire builder 2017-01-30 2017-05-02 No No 3 1282
98 Barney Ford's People's Restaurant Encyclopedia Staff Barney Ford, people's restaurant denver, peoples restaurant, barney ford biography, barney ford denver, barney ford breckenridge 1863 2015-12-10 2017-06-13 No Yes 3 411
99 Flooding in Colorado Wright, Will Ecology floods, colorado floods, colorado flood history, spring creek flood, Boulder Flood of 1894, Telluride Flood 1914, irrigation, dam, water, front range floods 2013, cloudburst, Arkansas River, big thompson river, cache la poudre river, south platte river, Estes Park 2016-08-15 2016-12-01 No No 3 1509
100 Gold Hill Encyclopedia Staff Colorado Gold Rush, boulder, boulder county, Gold Run, Horsfal Lode, Slide Mine, Cash Mine, tellurium, thomas aikins, Fourmile Canyon Fire, Endangered Places 1859 2017-05-03 2017-05-16 No Yes 3 1221