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1 Denver’s Capitol Hill Encyclopedia Staff Community Cities, Towns & Neighborhoods capitol hill, denver capitol hill neighborhood, history of capitol hill denver 1864 2016-05-10 2017-11-17 No Yes 2 709
2 Union Station Place Historic and Archaeological Sites Transportation lodo, Denver, railroads, Union Station, Lower Downtown, redevelopment 2017-02-22 2017-11-17 No Yes 2 966
3 Arthur Carhart Encyclopedia Staff Community Activists arthur carhart, Trappers Lake, U.S. Forest Service, Aldo Leopold 1892 to 1978 2016-05-06 2017-11-17 No Yes 1 994
4 Larimer Square Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites william larimer jr., Larimer Street, Larimer Square, Dana Crawford, historic preservation, Skyline Urban Renewal Project, Denver Urban Renewal Authority, Lower Downtown 1858 2016-08-29 2017-11-17 No Yes 1 1206
5 The City Beautiful Movement in Denver Forsyth, David Ecology Ideas & Movements denver planning, denver city beautiful movement, city beautiful movement colorado, robert speer 1893 2015-10-22 2017-11-17 No Yes 3 947
6 William Jackson Palmer Ambriz, Cynthia Community Businesspeople william jackson palmer, history of colorado springs, colorado springs history, colorado springs william jackson palmer, kansas-pacific railroad, denver & rio grande railroad, Denver and Rio Grande Railroad 1836 to 1909 2016-08-01 2017-11-17 No Yes 2 689
7 Eagle County Encyclopedia Staff Counties eagle county, eagle county history, Vail, eagle, gypsum, edwards, dotsero, mt. of the holy cross, white river national forest, beaver creek resort, vail resort, vail resort history, vail history, Wolcott, red cliff, redcliff, minturn, Camp Hale, pando valley, interstate 70 1883 2016-10-06 2017-11-17 No Yes 8 2089
8 City and County of Broomfield Encyclopedia Staff Counties Broomfield County, broomfield, City and County of Broomfield, broomfield history, boulder county, jefferson county 2001 2016-10-03 2017-11-17 No Yes 2 2506
9 Grays Peak National Recreation Trail Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites 2016-10-28 2017-11-17 No Yes 1 933
10 Elvin R. Caldwell Pirolo, Monica Diversity African Americans, Leaders elvin r. caldwell, black history colorado, discrimination, racism, denver center of performing arts, denver general hospital, skyline urban renewal, blair-caldwell african american library 2017-05-02 2017-11-17 No No 0 1134
11 Louviers Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites, Cities, Towns & Neighborhoods Du Pont, dynamite, company towns, Louviers Village Club 1906 to 1908 2015-11-10 2017-11-17 No Yes 4 1384
12 Brown Palace Hotel Encyclopedia Staff Businesses, Historic and Archaeological Sites Henry Brown, Charles Boettcher, Claude Boettcher, G8 Summit, Frank Edbrooke, historic hotels 1892 2016-08-26 2017-11-17 No Yes 3 1158
13 Women in Early Colorado Encyclopedia Staff Community Notable Women Colorado suffragette movement, Sisters of St. Joseph, 1876 Centennial 2016-05-06 2017-11-17 No No 0 2319
14 The Denver Woman’s Press Club Encyclopedia Staff Diversity Activists, Notable Women Denver, Woman's, Press, Club, Denver Woman's Press Club 1898 2016-06-21 2017-11-17 No Yes 1 1211
15 The Hilltop Bomber Crash Community Disasters Hilltop, Bomber, Crash, Hilltop Bomber Crash, Lowry Air Force Base 2017-01-18 2017-11-17 No Yes 1 1942
16 Telephone Building Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph, William Bowman, Allen True 1929 2016-03-16 2017-11-17 No Yes 2 1174
17 Antiquities Act McKibbin, Anne Origins Ideas & Movements archaeology, historic preservation, national monument, preservation law 1906 2016-05-03 2017-11-17 No No 0 1479
18 Lowry Ruin Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites Ancestral Pueblo, Ancestral Pueblo architecture, Ancestral Puebloan culture, chaco canyon, Jesse Walter Fewkes, Paul S. Martin, canyons of the ancients national monument 1090 to 1120 2015-11-20 2017-11-17 No Yes 3 782
19 Zia Pueblo Black, Kevin Origins Native Americans Historic and Archaeological Sites, Native American Reservations & Agencies Pueblo Indians, pueblo, Ancestral Puebloan culture, Zia Pueblo, mesa verde colorado 1300 2016-05-02 2017-11-17 No Yes 1 665
20 Pueblo of Santa Ana–Tamaya Shelley, Phillip, Garcia, Julian, Menchego, Timothy Origins Native Americans, Groups Native American Reservations & Agencies Ancestral Puebloan culture, Mesa Verde National Park, Keres, Tamaya, Pueblo Indians 1200 2016-06-27 2017-11-17 No Yes 0 1184
21 Kivas Larkin, Karin Origins Native Americans, Culture Ancestral Pueblo, Ancestral Pueblo architecture, prehistoric archaeology, native americans colorado, Southwest archaeology 2016-03-04 2017-11-17 No No 2 1271
22 Great House Lekson, Stephen H. Origins Historic and Archaeological Sites prehistoric archaeology, Southwestern prehistory, mesa verde archaeology, Ancestral Pueblo architecture, masonry architecture, great house architecture, Formative Period, chaco canyon, chacoan colorado, chimney rock archaeological area 0850 to 1280 2016-06-23 2017-11-17 No Yes 3 304
23 Richard Wetherill Goff, Sheila Origins Farmers & Ranchers Farming & Ranching chaco canyon, Mesa Verde National Park, Cliff Palace, Gustaf Nordenskiold 1858 to 1910 2015-10-22 2017-11-17 No Yes 1 581
24 State Facts Encyclopedia Staff State Facts 2016-04-28 2017-11-17 No No 1 266
25 LoDo (Lower Downtown Denver) Noel, Thomas J. Place Cities, Towns & Neighborhoods lodo, pepsi center, downtown denver, coors field, lodo urban renewal, gentrification denver, lower downtown denver, tom noel 1983 2015-04-15 2017-11-17 No Yes 0 1327
26 Walking Colorado: An Introduction to the Origins Section Black, Kevin Origins Native Americans, Culture, Groups history, ancient colorado, Folsom, Clovis, paleoindian, paleo-indian, rock art, archaeology, anthropology, Formative Period, archaic period, ute, apache, shoshone, cheyenne, arapaho, comanche, spanish exploration, navajo 2017-01-20 2017-11-17 No No 5 4196
27 1976 Winter Olympics Sanderson, Timothy Ecology Politics & Economy 1976 winter olympics, winter olympics denver, denver 1976 olympics, Richard Lamm, environmentalist movement, colorado olympics, john love, wayne aspinall, Steamboat Springs 1960 to 1976 2016-07-29 2017-11-17 No No 3 999
28 Front Range Tyler, Daniel Place Cities, Towns & Neighborhoods Geography, Mountains boulder, colorado springs, ranching, farming, colorado-big thompson project, south platte river, weld county, larimer county, boulder county, broomfield, el paso county, Castle Rock, Douglas County, cache la poudre river 2017-01-23 2017-11-17 No No 0 2514
29 Verner Zevola Reed Political Economy Businesspeople Verner Zevola Reed, Werner Zevola Reed, Verner, Werner, Zevola, Reed, Industrialist, Gold, Oil 2017-04-27 2017-11-17 No No 2 1534
30 Cripple Creek Encyclopedia Staff Cities, Towns & Neighborhoods, Historic and Archaeological Sites cripple creek gold rush, Cripple Creek, Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mine, Robert Womack, Winfield Scott Stratton, Midland Terminal Railway, Portland Mine, Western Federation of Miners, James Peabody, gambling, Amendment 4 1892 2016-12-19 2017-11-17 No Yes 8 2646
31 Mary Cronin Ecology Explorers, Notable Women Mary, Cronin, Mary Cronin, Colorado Mountain Club, Agnes Vaille 1893 to 1982 2016-09-21 2017-11-17 No No 0 1793
32 Ralph Carr Community Political Figures Governor Carr, Ralph, Carr, Ralph Carr, Governor, Japanese Americans, Japanese Internment, amache 1887 to 1950 2016-10-06 2017-11-17 No No 0 1963
33 Grand Junction Depot Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites Grand Junction, Denver and Rio Grande Railroad, railroad depots 2017-05-19 2017-11-16 No Yes 1 900
34 Denver Orphans’ Home Historic and Archaeological Sites Willis Marean, Albert Norton, Denver Children's Home, Ladies' Relief Society, Progressive Era, child welfare 1881 2016-10-27 2017-11-16 No Yes 1 1426
35 Crystal Mill Historic and Archaeological Sites crystal mill, crystal river, gunnison county, crystal, crystal valley history 2017-05-19 2017-11-16 No Yes 0 662
36 Colorado Salt Works Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites salt, Charles Hall, J. C. Fuller, South Park, Bayou Salado, John Quincy Adams Rollins, Thomas McQuaid 1866 2015-12-02 2017-11-16 No Yes 3 1113
37 Wetmore Post Office Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites Wetmore, post offices, John Walters, Margaret Walters, Siloam Telephone Company, Jeannie Culpin, Wetmore-Hardscrabble Genealogical and Historical Society 1879 2016-08-24 2017-11-16 No Yes 0 547
38 Treat Hall Encyclopedia Staff Colleges and Universities, Historic and Archaeological Sites Treat Hall, Jay Porter Treat, Colorado Women's College, Johnson & Wales University, University of Denver Park Hill campus 2016-10-24 2017-11-16 No Yes 2 805
39 Silverton Encyclopedia Staff Cities, Towns & Neighborhoods, Historic and Archaeological Sites San Juan Mountains, gold king mine, Animas River, san juan county, San Juan County Historical Society, durango silverton railroad, Brunot Agreement, Shenandoah-Dives Mining 1874 2017-02-01 2017-11-16 No Yes 6 1971
40 Monument Valley Park Historic and Archaeological Sites, Parks & Public Lands colorado springs, william jackson palmer, Edmond Cornelius van Dienst, Charles W. Leavitt Jr., Monument Creek, Charles Mulford Robinson, Monument Creek Flood of 1935 2017-02-01 2017-11-16 No Yes 2 1484
41 Early Irrigation in Denver Ecology Natural Resources, Water and Fish Early Irrigation, Denver, Early, irrigation 1871 2016-08-11 2017-11-16 No Yes 1 1270
42 Spanish Exploration in Southeastern Colorado, 1590–1790 Carrillo, Richard Origins Exploration francisco coronado, el cuartelejo, spanish exploration of colorado, spanish explorers, spanish colorado 1590 to 1790 2015-09-01 2017-11-16 No No 0 1132
43 Fort Garland Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites, Museums, Military Facilities San Luis Valley, Fort Massachusetts, kit carson, Buffalo Soldiers, History Colorado 1858 to 1883 2015-11-05 2017-11-16 No Yes 2 1840
44 Winks Lodge Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites Lincoln Hills, Winks Hamlet, african american resorts, African Americans, historic hotels, Beckwourth Mountain Club, Matthew Burkett 1928 2016-08-30 2017-11-16 No Yes 0 776
45 Land and Resource Management in Colorado Dane Matthew Vanhoozer Ecology Ideas & Movements, Natural Resources conservationism, environmentalism, colorado parks and wildlife, US forest service, Bureau of Land Management, national park service, gifford pinchot, wildlife, national monuments in colorado, wilderness act 2017-01-23 2017-11-16 No No 0 1349
46 Washington County Encyclopedia Staff Counties washington county colorado, washington county, washington county history, akron colorado, akron history, Akron, Great Plains, agriculture, farming, winter wheat, sugar beets 1887 2016-09-30 2017-11-16 No Yes 2 1545
47 Rocky Mountain National Park Administration Building Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites rocky mountain national park, Beaver Meadows, Mission 66, Taliesen Associated Architects, national park service, Frank Lloyd Wright 1967 2016-10-27 2017-11-16 No Yes 3 1223
48 Rev. Thornton R. Sampson Religious Figures Thornton, Sampson, Reverend, Reverend Thornton Sampson 1852 to 1915 2016-09-21 2017-11-16 No No 1 1759
49 Stanley Hotel Encyclopedia Staff Businesses, Historic and Archaeological Sites Estes Park, Freelan Oscar Stanley, Stanley Hotel, rocky mountain national park, historic hotels, Stephen King, The Shining 1909 2016-03-16 2017-11-16 No Yes 3 1615
50 Longmont Historic Districts Encyclopedia Staff Cities, Towns & Neighborhoods, Historic and Archaeological Sites longmont, longmont history, longmont historic district, east side historic district, james warner, jarvis fox, historic preservation, state historical fund, american foursquare, victorian architecture, thomas callahan, callahan house, longmont college, presbyterian, west side historic district, george atwood, lorin c. mead, collyer street, coffman street, seth terry, chicago-colorado colony, william h dickens 2017-08-25 2017-11-16 No Yes 0 1372
51 Gilpin County Encyclopedia Staff Counties Gilpin County, Central City, Blackhawk, mill city, Colorado Gold Rush 1861 2016-11-14 2017-11-16 No Yes 4 2454
52 Downtown Loveland Historic District Cities, Towns & Neighborhoods, Historic and Archaeological Sites loveland, downtown loveland, loveland history, downtown loveland historic district, loveland historic district, w.a.h. loveland, larimer county 2017-05-16 2017-11-16 No Yes 0 936
53 Indian Agencies and Agents Horn, Jonathon C. Origins Native American Reservations & Agencies Indian Agency, Indian Agent, treaties, military posts, trading posts, annuity goods, Ute Indian Tribe, Cheyenne Indian Tribe, Arapaho Indian Tribe, Southern Ute Indian Reservation, Ute Mountain Ute Indian Reservation 1846 to 1911 2016-03-15 2017-11-16 No No 3 2695
54 Ancestral Puebloans of the Four Corners Region Wilshusen, Richard H. Origins Native Americans, Culture Historic and Archaeological Sites prehistoric archaeology, colorado archaeology, mesa verde, Southwest archaeology, Ancestral Pueblo, Ancestral Puebloan culture, hovenweep hovenweep national monument national monuments colorado canyons of the ancients national monument southwest colorado four corners region hiking southwest colorado, chimney rock archaeological area 0350 to 1300 2016-05-09 2017-11-16 No Yes 1 2886
55 Water in Colorado Grace, Stephen Ecology Natural Resources, Water and Fish colorado water, water issues colorado, colorado water history, delph carpenter 2015-10-22 2017-11-16 No No 2 1547
56 William Bent King, Judy Origins Traders Trading bent's fort, Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe Trade, nineteenth century fur trade, fur trapper, Ceran St. Vrain, Owl Woman 1809 to 1869 2015-12-29 2017-11-16 No Yes 0 859
57 Jesse Nusbaum Ecology Architects, Engineers, & Planners, Scientists & Academics Parks & Public Lands Jesse, Nusbaum, Jesse Nusbaum 2017-04-27 2017-11-16 No Yes 2 1546
58 Cannabis (marijuana) Johnson, Nick Ecology Ideas & Movements Politics & Economy marijuana in colorado, history of marijuana, cannabis history, moses baca, denver marijuana, marijuana legalization, effects of marijuana, colorado hemp industry, the cannabist, john ingold, nick johnson, marijuana prohibition, cannabis agriculture, marijuana agriculture, counterculture, hippies, colorado communes, libre, drop city, straight creek journal, cannabis botany 2017-02-02 2017-11-15 No No 2 1869
59 Ken-Caryl South Valley Archaeological District Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites, Parks & Public Lands Ken-Caryl Ranch, South Valley Park, Jefferson County Open Space, rock shelters, Fountain formation, foothills archaeology, Johns-Manville, Lockheed Martin Marietta 1973 2016-08-24 2017-11-15 No Yes 3 825
60 Flooding in Colorado Wright, Will Ecology Disasters floods, colorado floods, colorado flood history, spring creek flood, Boulder Flood of 1894, Telluride Flood 1914, irrigation, dam, water, front range floods 2013, cloudburst, Arkansas River, big thompson river, cache la poudre river, south platte river, Estes Park 2016-08-15 2017-11-15 No No 3 1509
61 Inter-Laken Hotel Encyclopedia Staff Businesses, Historic and Archaeological Sites Lakeside Resort, James Dexter, twin lakes, historic colorado hotels, Interlaken Hotel, Interlaken Resort 1879 2016-05-25 2017-11-15 No Yes 3 681
62 Handy Chapel Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites, Religious/Spiritual Grand Junction, historic churches, African Methodist Episcopal Church, african americans colorado 2016-10-24 2017-11-15 No Yes 0 898
63 Greeley Tribune Building Encyclopedia Staff Businesses, Historic and Archaeological Sites greeley, Greeley Tribune, newspapers, Charles Hansen, Sidney Frazier, colorado-big thompson project, Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District, Greeley History Museum 1929 2015-09-15 2017-11-15 No Yes 2 641
64 Bent County Encyclopedia Staff Counties william bent southeast colorado arkansas river valley boggsville kit carson bent county 1870 2015-04-17 2017-11-15 No Yes 3 1588
65 Delta County Encyclopedia Staff Counties delta county, delta colorado, Delta, uncompahgre valley, gunnison valley, gunnison river, uncompahgre river, hotchkiss, paonia, colorado orchards 1883 2016-03-04 2017-11-15 No Yes 1 1528
66 The Broadmoor Encyclopedia Staff Businesses, Historic and Archaeological Sites broadmoor hotel, historic hotels, cheyenne mountain, Philip Anschutz, spencer penrose, James Pourtales, Broadmoor Casino, Frederick Sterner, manitou cog railway, Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun 1891 2016-08-26 2017-11-15 No Yes 1 1502
67 Julie Penrose Hunt, Elizabeth Community Notable Women Parks & Public Lands echo park dam, echo park, echo park colorado, dinosaur national monument dam, colorado conservation history, colorado conservation 1870 to 1956 2015-08-21 2017-11-15 No Yes 0 581
68 Costilla County Encyclopedia Staff Counties costilla county, San Luis Valley, costilla county history, san luis, Plaza de San Luis de la Culebra, capilla de viejo san acacio, rio grande, hispano history, sangre de cristo mountains 1861 2016-06-27 2017-11-15 No Yes 2 1720
69 Land, Labor, Leisure: An Introduction to the Ecology Section Orsi, Jared Ecology ecology, environmental history, Jared Orsi, themes 2017-01-27 2017-11-15 No No 1 2866
70 Sopris Phase Mitchell, Mark D. Origins Native Americans, Groups Apishapa phase, Sopris phase, prehistoric archaeology, Prehistoric farming, Ancestral Puebloan culture, Plains Village tradition, stone and adobe architecture, native houses, Taos Pueblo, indigenous trade networks 0950 to 1200 2015-11-03 2017-11-15 No Yes 3 1115
71 Harms Farm Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites agriculture, Phillips County, winter wheat, Fred Gansemer, John Harms, Virgil Harms, Duane Harms, Timber Culture Act 2017-07-05 2017-11-15 No Yes 0 1312
72 Bent County Courthouse and Jail Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites Las Animas, bent county, courthouses, Ken Curtis 1889 2015-11-05 2017-11-15 No Yes 3 624
73 El Corazon de Trinidad National Historic District Encyclopedia Staff Cities, Towns & Neighborhoods, Historic and Archaeological Sites Trinidad, Santa Fe Trail, felipe baca, Las Animas County, Frank Bloom, Temple Aaron, Jaffa Opera House, Trinidad History Museum, Baca House, Bloom Mansion 1861 2016-03-15 2017-11-15 No Yes 4 1525
74 Five Points Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites african american communities denver, african americans denver, rossonian hotel, Curtis Park, streetcar suburbs, Temple Emanuel, Shorter Community AME, Zion Baptist Church, Dr. Justina Ford, American Woodmen Insurance, Samuel Cary, coors field, Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library, Five Points Jazz Festival, Juneteenth 1881 2016-08-29 2017-11-15 No Yes 2 1624
75 Justina Ford Huner, Brittany Diversity African Americans, Notable Women justina ford, black history, Five Points, doctor, Dr. Justina Ford 2017-01-18 2017-11-15 No Yes 1 674
76 Weld County Encyclopedia Staff Counties weld county, weld county history, fur trade colorado, fort vasquez, fort st. vrain, monfort family, monfort family history, cache la poudre history, greeley, stephen h. long, fort lupton, pawnee national grasslands 1861 2015-12-29 2017-11-15 No Yes 1 3021
77 State Symbols: An Overview Convery, William State Symbols state symbols, colorado state symbols, history colorado state symbols, colorado state animal, colorado state bird, colorado state motto, colorado state seal, colorado state folk dance 1861 2015-10-21 2017-11-15 No No 0 889
78 Colorado Parks and Wildlife Encyclopedia Staff Ecology Wildlife colorado parks and wildlife, cpw, colorado parks and wildlife history, bighorn sheet, elk, wildlife management colorado 1899 2016-05-03 2017-11-15 No Yes 0 1252
79 Women's Suffrage Movement Community Activists, Notable Women Susan B. Anthony, Referendum of 1877, anti-alcohol, Lucy Stone, Nathan C. Meeker, Patience Stapleton, Colorado Non-Partisan Equal Suffrage Association 1870 to 1893 2016-05-06 2017-11-15 No No 2 1037
80 Colorado Fisheries Myrick, Christopher Ecology Natural Resources, Water and Fish fishing in colorado, colorado fly fishing, colorado fish, colorado fisheries, cutthroat trout, rainbow trout colorado, colorado trout fishing, fishing colorado reservoirs 2015-12-29 2017-11-15 No No 0 1405
81 Long House Historic and Archaeological Sites Mesa Verde National Park, Gustaf Nordenskiold, Wetherill Mesa Project, Ancestral Puebloan culture, Ancestral Pueblo architecture, historic houses 2017-05-04 2017-11-15 No Yes 1 1144
82 Mesa Verde National Park Administrative District Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites Historic and Archaeological Sites, Parks & Public Lands 2016-10-27 2017-11-15 No Yes 1 888
83 Washington Park Encyclopedia Staff Historic and Archaeological Sites, Parks & Public Lands City Ditch, Washington Park, Smith's Ditch, Smith Lake, Grasmere Lake, Reinhard Schuetze, Saco Rienk DeBoer, Denver parks 1890 2016-10-28 2017-11-15 No Yes 0 1280
84 Bighorn Sheep Kersey, Tyler Ecology Wildlife bighorn sheep, ram, colorado bighorn sheep, ovis canadensis, state animal 2016-05-09 2017-11-15 No No 3 641
85 NORAD Noyer, Griffin Community Military Facilities norad, norad headquarters, cheyenne mountain, North American Aerospace Defense Command 1958 2016-01-04 2017-11-15 No Yes 1 686
86 Water Law Hobbs Jr., Justice Gregory Ecology Natural Resources, Water and Fish water law in colorado, colorado river compact, water law in the west, water law, prior appropriation 1861 2015-11-16 2017-11-14 No No 1 1005
87 Morgan County Encyclopedia Staff Counties 1889 2016-09-29 2017-11-14 No Yes 2 2129
88 Routt County Encyclopedia Staff Counties routt county history, Steamboat Springs, howelsen hill, hahns peak, Yampa River, yampa, clark, milner, hayden, joseph hahn, james h crawford, coal mining 1877 2017-02-02 2017-11-12 No Yes 1 2561
89 Sweat Lodge Hill, David V. Origins Native Americans sweat lodge, sweat house, purification rites, Indian tribes 2015-10-29 2017-11-12 No No 0 897
90 Otero County Encyclopedia Staff Counties otero county colorado, bent's fort, la junta colorado, otero county history, Purgatoire River, Las Animas, miguel otero, rocky ford canteloupe 1889 2015-10-29 2017-11-12 No Yes 2 1968
91 William Larimer, Jr. Encyclopedia Staff Origins Businesspeople, Political Figures General, William, Larimer, Jr., General William Larimer Jr. 1809 to 1875 2016-05-18 2017-11-11 No Yes 0 1326
92 Treaty of Fort Wise Troyer, Michael D. Origins Treaties treaties, Fort Wise, Arapaho Indian Tribe, Cheyenne Indian Tribe, Sand Creek Massacre 1861 2015-08-21 2017-11-10 No Yes 1 581
93 Spring Creek Flood of 1997 Langevin, Danielle, Sullivan, Tessa Ecology Disasters 1997 2015-10-22 2017-11-10 No Yes 10 866
94 Upper Republican and Itskari Cultures Mayo, Katherine Origins Native Americans, Culture, Groups Central Plains tradition, Ancestral Pawnee, earth lodges, prehistoric archaeology 1100 to 1300 2015-10-22 2017-11-10 No No 0 1614
95 Colorado–Big Thompson Project Silkensen, Greg Ecology Natural Resources, Water and Fish colorado-big thompson project, cbt project colorado, bureau of reclamation, irrigation, irrigation in colorado, reclamation in colorado, front range, Western Slope, big thompson river, big thompson canyon, horsetooth reservoir, adams tunnel 1938 to 1956 2016-08-15 2017-11-10 No Yes 4 994
96 Caroline Bancroft Encyclopedia Staff Community Activists, Businesspeople, Notable Women, Political Figures Caroline, Bancroft, Caroline Bancroft 1900 to 1985 2016-05-13 2017-11-10 No Yes 1 1295
97 Chronic Wasting Disease Bailey, Shawn Ecology Wildlife chronic wasting disease, elk, deer, colorado parks and wildlife, wildlife management 1967 2016-08-02 2017-11-10 No No 4 844
98 Grand Junction Johnson, Nick, Herritz, Claire Cities, Towns & Neighborhoods Grand Junction, colorado river, gunnison river, Western Slope, palisade, grand mesa, Colorado National Monument, Fruita, denver & rio grande railroad, george crawford, bureau of reclamation, grand valley, peaches, brunswick hotel, sugar beet industry, John Otto, colorado mesa university 1882 2017-01-24 2017-11-10 No Yes 3 2293
99 Mount Vernon Encyclopedia Staff Cities, Towns & Neighborhoods, Historic and Archaeological Sites, Parks & Public Lands Jefferson Territory, Jefferson County Open Space, Robert W. Steele, George Morrison, Mount Vernon Canyon 1859 2017-02-01 2017-11-10 No Yes 1 1106
100 Folsom People Kornfeld, Marcel Origins Native Americans, Groups Paleoindians, fluted points, lindenmeier, prehistoric archaeology, prehistoric Native Americans, archaeology 1926 2016-06-22 2017-11-09 No Yes 2 783