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Jesse Walter Fewkes

Cliff Palace

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Cliff Palace

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Located in an alcove on the east wall of Cliff Canyon in Mesa Verde National Park , Cliff Palace is a 150-room cliff dwelling built by Ancestral Puebloans in the 1200s and rediscovered by rancher Richard Wetherill and Charles Mason in 1888. It is the largest and best-known cliff dwelling in Mesa...

Lowry Ruin

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Named for early homesteader George Lowry, the Lowry ruin near Cortez is a pueblo with thirty-seven rooms, eight kivas, and one Great Kiva. Built between about 1090 and 1120 CE, the Ancestral Puebloan ruin dates to the late Pueblo II (900–1150 CE) and Pueblo III (1150–1350 CE) periods...
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