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Bureau of Reclamation in Colorado

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The United States Reclamation Service, later renamed the Bureau of Reclamation, was created in 1902 to advance settlement of the West through construction of large dams, reservoirs, canals, and other projects. Since then, the service has played an important role in the development of Colorado’s...

Colorado Foundation for Water Education

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In Colorado, water is a valuable and limited resource, and competition is only becoming more of a challenge. That’s why the Colorado Foundation for Water Education (CFWE), a non-advocacy nonprofit organization, works statewide to promote increased understanding of water resources so Coloradans can...

Edward T. Taylor House

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Longtime Colorado state senator and US Congressman Edward T. Taylor (1858–1941) built his house in downtown Glenwood Springs in 1904. Taylor lived in the house whenever he was in Colorado during the three decades he served in the US House of Representatives. The Taylor House was converted into...

Water in Colorado

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Water has profoundly shaped Colorado’s past and will play a vital role in its future. The resource is essential to the state’s agriculture, cities, industries, energy supply, and environment. Furthermore, eighteen other states and parts of Mexico rely on waters from the mountains of Colorado, known...
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