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Zebulon Montgomery Pike

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  • Zebulon Montgomery Pike

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    Zebulon Montgomery Pike, the American explorer for whom Pikes Peak is named, led an expedition through the southwestern portion of the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase in 1806-7. Pike was later killed in the Battle of York during the War of 1812.
    Zebulon Montgomery Pike
  • Statue of Zebulon Pike in front of Antlers Hotel

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    Buggies and people with umbrellas gather around a likeness of Zebulon Pike erected for the 25th anniversary of Colorado's statehood, in front of the Antlers Hotel, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado. The plaster statue succumbed to the elements soon after it was made.
    Statue of Zebulon Pike in front of Antlers Hotel
  • Pike's Expedition in Colorado



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