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Tabor Grand Opera House

  • Tabor Opera House

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    In 1881 silver magnate Horace Tabor built his Grand Opera House in Denver at Sixteenth and Curtis Streets. The venue's performances enthralled audiences for the next nine years, until a competing opera house opened on Broadway in 1890 and Tabor lost his fortune in 1893. This photo of the Tabor Grand Opera House building, taken when it was used as a movie house in 1905, shows a marquee that reads "The Money Changers."
    Tabor Opera House
  • Opera House in Denver Panorama, 1890

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    This 1890 panorama of Denver showcases the grandiosity of Horace Tabor's Grand Opera House, which rises above the surrounding buildings in the upper right of the frame.
    Opera House in Denver Panorama, 1890
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