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Santa Fé Trail

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  • Santa Fe Trail Ruts in Kansas

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    These ruts west of Dodge City, Kansas were made by wagons crossing the Santa Fe Trail, an important nineteenth-century trading route that connected Missouri and Santa Fe, New Mexico.
    Santa Fe Trail Ruts in Kansas
  • Old Trading Post in Colorado

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    Amity, Colorado, was at one point a trading post and stage station along the Santa Fe Trail. It is one of many examples of settlements that appeared along the trail in southeastern Colorado.
    Old Trading Post in Colorado
  • Dry Ridge

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    A photograph of buffalo hides stretched on the ground with men posed in the background reads "Dry Ridge at one time a settlement on the Santa Fe." The southern route of the Santa Fe Trail, the Cimarron Cutoff, contained many long, dry stretches between water sources.
    Dry Ridge



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