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Julesburg Union Pacific Depot

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  • The Burning of Julesburg

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    The first town of Julesburg was founded at an important crossing of the South Platte River. In January 1865 Native Americans raided the town and burned it to the ground.
    The Burning of Julesburg
  • Second Julesburg

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    The second town of Julesburg was established on the south side of the South Platte River after the first town of Julesburg was burned to the ground. The town was abandoned in 1867 when residents learned that the Union Pacific Railroad planned to follow the north shore of the river.
    Second Julesburg
  • Fourth Julesburg

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    The fourth town of Julesburg was established in 1886 when Union Pacific built a branch that connected the transcontinental line to Denver. The original depot was constructed from wood and served the community until 1929, when a new brick building was commissioned.
    Fourth Julesburg
  • Julesburg Tornado

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    On June 6, 1947, a tornado hit the town of Julesburg. The tornado tore off part of the rail depot's roof before doubling back and destroying sections of the sidewalls. The depot remained open during the extensive repairs, and pieces of brick and tile from where the building had collapsed were reused in the reconstruction.
    Julesburg Tornado
  • Depot Museum

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    After Amtrak assumed control over passenger services nationwide, Union Pacific considered demolishing the Julesburg station and replacing it with a smaller modular building. The city, along with citizens and the Fort Sedgwick Historical Society, moved the building 110 feet to the north, where it now serves as the Depot Museum.
    Depot Museum



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