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Juan Antonio María de Rivera

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  • Juan Antonio María de Rivera

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    Artist’s conceptual image of Juan Rivera shown dressed in period costume, including a three-cornered hat, which probably demonstrated to Native Americans Rivera’s rank as a representative of the governor of New Mexico.
    Juan Antonio María de Rivera
  • Trading with Utes

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    Juan Rivera and his company trading with the Tabeguache Utes at Pissochi near present-day Naturita, Colorado in the fall of 1765.
    Trading with Utes
  • 1765 Expedition

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    General path of the Rivera expedition through western Colorado in 1765.
    1765 Expedition



Steven G. Baker, Rick Hendricks (translator), and Gail Carroll Sargent (illustrator), Juan Rivera’s Colorado‑1765: The First Spaniards Among the Ute and Paiute Indians on the Trails to Teguayo: The Comprehensive Illustrated Trail Study and Ethnohistory with the Original Rivera Journals and English Translations, in press (Lake City, CO: Western Reflections Publishing, 2016).

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