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John C. Frémont

  • John Charles Fremont

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    Military officer, explorer, and politician John Charles Fremont (1813-90) led several expeditions through present-day Colorado from 1843-53. His travels through Northern Colorado in 1843 helped create a series of famous Oregon Trail maps.
    John Charles Fremont
  • Fremont's 1843 Route - Fort St. Vrain

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    Seeking an overland route through the Rocky Mountains, John C. Fremont's expedition crossed the plains in 1843 and resupplied at Fort St. Vrain in present-day Weld County.
    Fremont's 1843 Route - Fort St. Vrain
  • Fremont's 1843 Route - Eagle's Nest Open Space
  • Fremont's 1843 Route - Big Thompson Crossing
  • Fremont's 1843 Route - Fort Collins Tracks

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    After crossing the Big Thompson River near present-day Loveland, John C. Fremont's 1843 expedition proceeded to present-day Fort Collins, following the northwest route of these railroad tracks into the Poudre Canyon.
    Fremont's 1843 Route - Fort Collins Tracks
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