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Henrietta “Nettie” Bromwell

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  • "Hillside With Purple Flowers"

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    A landscape watercolor painting by Henrietta Bromwell. A road passes over a hill covered with shrubbery, grass and trees; a red house is in the background. The colors are purple, apricot and green watercolors.
    "Hillside With Purple Flowers"
  • "In Denver Bottoms, Colorado"

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    A landscape watercolor painting of a shed in a meadow with shrubbery, electric and telephone lines are nearby; a road leads up to the shed. Mountains are in the background. The colors are pale brown, blue, pink and white.
    "In Denver Bottoms, Colorado"


Additional Information: 

Henrietta E. Bromwell, The Bromwell Genealogy, Including Descendants of William Bromwell and Beulah Hall, with Data Relating to Others of the Bromwell Name in America; Also Genealogical Records of Branches of the Allied Families of Holmes, Payne, Rice and Leffler (Denver: Henrietta E. Bromwell, 1910).

John William Leonard, Woman’s Who’s Who of America: A Biographical Dictionary of Contemporary Women of the United States and Canada, 1914–1915 (New York: American Commonwealth, 1914).